Burlesque (2010) Poster

(I) (2010)

Cam Gigandet: Jack



  • Ali Rose : Jack, why did you leave Kentucky?

    Jack : Well, why did you leave Iowa?

    Ali Rose : Because I looked around and realized there wasn't one person whose life I wanted.

    Jack : Exactly.

  • Ali Rose : Morning! Coffee?

    Jack : Black. Like my soul.

    Ali Rose : I took the liberty of making breakfast. I hope you don't mind. It's the least I could do.

    Jack : Smells great.

    Ali Rose : [referring to photo at kitchen counter]  She's pretty. Your sister?

    Jack : Fiancée.

    Ali Rose : You're straight?

    Jack : You thought I was gay?

    Ali Rose : Yeah.

    Jack : Wait, why?

    Ali Rose : I don't know. The day bed... the eyeliner...

    Jack : It's a very straight look. You know, it works at the club, Tess loves it...

    Ali Rose : Okay. I should put on some pants.

    Jack : Probably.

  • Jack : Oh, I uhm... I finished a song. I think it's pretty good.

    Ali Rose : [chuckles]  Can I hear it?

    Jack : No. But...

    [pause, handing Ali a songsheet] 

    Jack : you can sing it.

  • Jack : Where're you from?

    Ali Rose : Iowa.

    Jack : Kentucky. We're practically related.

    Ali Rose : Thought you looked familiar.

  • Ali Rose : Who does a girl have to flirt with to get from here... to up there?

    [points to dance stage] 

    Jack : Is this you flirting?

    Ali Rose : [laughs]  With someone wearing more eyeliner than me? Yeah.

    Jack : Through that door over there. Ask for Tess. She's your guy. Flirt away.

  • Jack : I'm just saying. Life is about the choices you make.

    Ali Rose : The choices I make? You're a bartender-slash-piano player, who writes songs that are never ready.

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