Burlesque (2010) Poster

(I) (2010)

Kristen Bell: Nikki



  • Nikki : How come I don't have a nickname?

    Scarlett : Oh,you do.

    Nikki : Well he never uses it.

    Sean : Oh,I do.

    Nikki : When?

    [walks down stairs] 

    Sean : When you leave the room!


    Sean : Slut!

    Nikki : I heard that!

  • Nikki : [annoyed]  Didn't your mama ever tell you it's not polite to stare?

    Ali Rose : You-You're just so damn beautiful, I...

    Nikki : Well in that case, screw your mama and stare away.

    Ali Rose : No one would *ever* know.

    Nikki : Know what?

    Ali Rose : That you're a dude.

  • Nikki : I don't get why everyone's having a conniption over her, she's just a tacky farm girl from Iowa.

    Ali Rose : And we know a cow when we see one. Don't underestimate us farm girls.

  • Nikki : I will not be upstaged by some slut with mutant lungs.

  • Nikki : What the hell is that waitress doing here? I want that bitch *out*.

    Sean : And what did she *ever* do to you?

    Nikki : She said I looked like a drag queen!

    Sean : Well, that can't be the first time that's happened before.

  • Nikki : [Waiting for Tess as she is exiting the club]  Tess, we need to talk.

    Tess : No.

    Nikki : Yes!

    Tess : I'm tired, Nikki.

    Nikki : Well, then you can just listen. We built this club together and, and then, some girl just shows up from out of nowhere, who hasn't even paid her dues - -!

    Tess : How do you know what dues she's paid? This chick doesn't sing that way because she's had it easy.

    Nikki : "They don't come to here us sing, Nikki"! Or... or, or, is that... is that just bullshit, now?

    Tess : You know, you're drunk. Go inside and call a cab.


    Tess : Then leave!

    Nikki : [Gasps]  You'd ruin our friendship over some girl you barely know? So much for loyalty!

    Tess : Since when did you know anything about loyalty? How many Goddamn times have I peeled you off the sidewalk? How many blackouts? How many times have I held your head over the toilet bowl while you threw up everything, but your memories?

    Nikki : OKAY FINE! But I will not stand in the back, Tess, you need to fix this-...

    Tess : You think you're my only problem? I'm about to lose my club! I'm about to lose the only thing that means anything to me! I have more to worry about than trying to keep you from pouring Tequila on your Cheerios!

    Nikki : Fine. Fine. I QUIT!

    Tess : I'm glad!

    [Nikki gets into her car and starts the engine] 

    Tess : Nikki, don't drive.

    Nikki : By the way, I slept with Vince the night after your honeymoon.

    [She makes a U-Turn and begins driving off in a rage, with Tess bashing Nikki's backdoor window with a crowbar] 

    Nikki : YOU CRAZY BITCH!

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