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Season 2

8 Sep. 2009
With the club divided in the wake of a tragic death, Clay sets up a new gun deal with the IRA.
15 Sep. 2009
Small Tears
Jax's decision without the club's approval doesn't sit well with Clay, especially when it brings dangerous repercussions upon the MC.
22 Sep. 2009
The League takes bold new steps in their quest to undermine Samcro, forcing the club to take explosive measures.
29 Sep. 2009
When the MC heads north on a "charity" club run, they find more than just bike trouble when they cross state lines. And with Samcro out of Charming, Gemma's left in a compromising position with The League.
6 Oct. 2009
Charming and its small-town appeal become vulnerable to The League, which finds new ways to provoke SOA members. Tara's compassionate efforts to help a distraught Gemma don't go unpunished.
13 Oct. 2009
Falx Cerebri
Clay sets a course for retaliation; Gemma shows Tara how an old lady handles anger.
20 Oct. 2009
The club must make new alliances in prison to survive.
27 Oct. 2009
With Oswald putting up the bail money, SAMCRO are released from prison, but the split between Clay and Jax is wider than ever. Complicating matters, Caruso's thugs attack Luann's studio. In an effort to heal the tensions between her husband and son, Gemma decides to organise a meal, whilst Bobby pushes to try to find out what is at the core of the dispute. Clay comes to an agreement with Oswald when he learns Jacob is planning to run for mayor. Chibs' estranged wife, Fiona Larkin, shows up at his hospital bedside, much to Gemma's chagrin. Lin has a proposal for SAMCRO...
3 Nov. 2009
Fa Guan
When SAMCRO's adult film business becomes a hindrance to the club, Clay seizes the opportunity to revive the gun-running cartel. As Jax and Clay continue to clash over club activities, their relationship reaches a new level of antagonism.
10 Nov. 2009
While the repo business proves more fruitful than the club ever imagined, ATF Agent Stahl gets up close and personal with the MC. Meanwhile, tension between Jax and Clay forces Gemma to make a tough decision.
17 Nov. 2009
Chibs makes a secret deal with Agent Stahl in order to protect his wife and daughter. Opie learns the true circumstances that led to Donna's death and seeks both revenge and reconciliation.
24 Nov. 2009
The Culling
The entire SAMCRO family goes on lockdown inside the clubhouse as war with the League approaches. Opie decides not to pursue revenge against Clay or Tig for Donna's death. Jimmy puts an end to Cameron's deal with Zobelle, agreeing instead to sell exclusively to the Sons. As Chibs backs out of the deal with Stahl and attempts to convince Fiona to let him protect her, Clay tells Jimmy that Edmond has turned on the IRA. After Jax witnesses Zobelle meeting Alvarez, the Sons inform Weston of the real nature of Zobelle's business dealings in Charming. Tara applies the ...
1 Dec. 2009
Na Triobloidi
As SAMCRO attempts to rid Charming of Ethan Zobelle and The League permanently, familiar faces present new challenges.

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