Hamlet 2 (2008) Poster


Skylar Astin: Rand Posin



  • Epiphany Sellars : What about the acting?

    Rand Posin : [reading their play's review]  "It is perhaps best not to mention the acting. In the theater, actors endeavor to simulate human emotion. Rand Posin and Epiphany Sellars flap their lips and wave their arms like malfunctioning wind-up toys..."

    Dana Marschz : That's enough! Every trimester we get fisted by this guy!

    Epiphany Sellars : [to Rand]  What's "fisted"?

    Rand Posin : [genuine or feigned confusion]  What?

    Dana Marschz : I have so much anger. I feel like I've been raped. In the face!

  • Rand Posin : Are you mad at me?

    Dana Marschz : No. No.

    Rand Posin : I don't know, you've barely spoken to me all day. Is it because of my resistance to these gangbangers?

    Dana Marschz : Hey, hey. Just because they're latinos doesn't make them gangbangers. Got it?

    Rand Posin : Yeah, I'm sorry. I love class so much and I just don't want anything to change.

    Dana Marschz : Rand, you're teacher's pet. What more do you want? Come on, let's go hang with the gang.

    Rand Posin : You mean - latinos.

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