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An Undercover Smuggler
gordonl5614 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
ADVENTURES OF THE FALCON –Double Identity - 1954

This is the 5th episode of the 39 episode run of the 1954 to 1956 series, ADVENTURES OF THE FALCON. Film noir icon Charles McGraw headlines as Mike Waring, an agent of the U.S. Government. The series follows McGraw as he travels the world putting the kibosh on various criminals and foreign agents. The series is loosely based on the FALCON series of films of the 1940's.

Government trouble shooter Charles McGraw is summoned to London, England by the CIA. They want McGraw's help to retrieve a kidnapped woman. The woman, Anna Navarro, is the daughter of an important South American leader, Joseph Granby. The Eastern Bloc wants to use her in order to pressure Granby to lead his country to their point of view.

The CIA has a solid lead as to where the woman might be held. It is in France at the coastal port of Dieppe. McGraw is given a cover as a cross channel smuggler and sent off to France. The CIA has an agent planted in the tavern the kidnappers use as cover.

Leading the villains here is Dan Seymour, in another of his bits as a beret wearing (CASABLANCA, TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, big screen and television versions) Frenchman. Seymour likes the cut of McGraw's jib and takes him into the gang. They want McGraw to help move Miss Navarro up the coast.

CIA agent, Maralou Gray overhears one of Seymour's henchmen tell Seymour that McGraw is really a Fed. Now the rush is on to rescue Miss Navarro before she can be moved. Of course this involves several rounds of flying fists and an exchange of gunfire. The villains are either captured or laid out on a morgue slab. Miss Navarro is returned to her father and her country saved from the Red Menace.

This one is a quick and violent 25 minutes worth of television.
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