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  • An reclusive heartbroken Jack (Jason Schwartzman) receives an telephone call from his former lover (Natalie Portman) and reveals that she has tracked him down and is on her way to his hotel in Paris to visit him. Jack prepares for his former lover's visit and tidies up his hotel room, takes bath, puts on a suit and plays music on his iPod dock. Jack's former lover arrives with flowers. Jack's former lover learns Jack has been staying at the hotel for more than a month and asks Jack how long he plans to stay in Paris and she tells Jack that she will leave in the morning. After brushing her teeth and examining the items in Jack's hotel room, food that Jack ordered arrives and Jack and his former lover kisses and he takes to the bedroom and begins removing her clothing and notices that she has bruises all over body and asks if she has had sex with anyone, which she denies. As Jack and his former lover make out on top of the bed, Jack's former lover apologizes to him for breaking his heart and that she still wants for them to be friends, which Jack promises that he will never be her friend and that he doesn't care if she will feel terrible after they have sex. After Jack's former lover finishes removing all her clothes and is bare naked, Jack puts a yellow robe around her and they go out onto the balcony and Jack shows her his view of Paris. Edit



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