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A cheerfully energetically and very vulgar comedy.
Ed Helms and Ving Rhames score laughs. But the breakout is "Step Brothers'" Kathryn Hahn as the tough (sales)girl who keeps up with the boys.
The script by Andy Stock and Rick Stempson (Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach) can, at times, be a nasty piece of work, and no amount of laughter will fully obscure the gag reflex that occasionally forms in the back of your throat.
Boston Globe
You put up the cash, the movie clunks.
Although Will Ferrell materializes for a goofball cameo, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard lacks a key element that his "Talladega Nights" and "Anchor Man" both had - that is, somebody to like.
L.A. Weekly
The few real laughs -- all two minutes’ worth -- come courtesy of Russ Meyer veteran Charles Napier as Dick Lewiston, the angriest macho male anachronism of the year.
About Piven: When did it go wrong? When did the caustic character actor guaranteed to liven up even the dullest movie turn into a walking black hole of smarm from which no joy can escape?
The movie simply doesn't deliver -- living hard, selling hard and, before it's over, finally dying hard.
Miami Herald
How can a movie as overstuffed with funny people as The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard be so listless and leaden?
The Hollywood Reporter
Tediously one-note comedy.

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