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Good episode with great snappy dialogue and a cute car
XhcnoirX14 September 2016
Private eye Don 'Eddie Drake' Haggerty is hired by wealthy socialite Lucia Carroll to retrieve a watch for her, at any cost. She was at a casino the night before that got robbed, and she doesn't want to explain things to her out-of-town husband, as she wasn't exactly alone that night. Haggerty makes some inquiries at a bar that is a known watering hole for fences, and he also has a chat with the casino owner, Shepark Menken. He wants to hire Haggerty to find the beautiful girl he's seen on a photo in an arcade hall. Haggerty thinks nothing of it, and he's soon contacted by a fence to buy back the watch. Which leads to murder, double-crosses and twists...

Originally a radio series called 'The Cases Of Mr. Ace' starring George Raft, it seems this TV series was shelved for a few years before finally airing on TV. I can't imagine why based on this episode which is great fun with some nice hard-boiled lines and exchanges. Unfortunately it seems it's the only one available online. Told in flashback, as he recounts each case to doctor Patricia Morison who's writing a book on criminology, this episode (which has a slight 'Maltese Falcon' vibe to it) moves at a rapid pace and the snappy dialogue and twisty (if not fully logical) story should appeal to noir-heads.

Performances are decent enough for a TV show, and there's a small role for Whit Bissell ('Brute Force') who ends up eating lead. Which leads to the following lines between Drake and a police lieutetant (while the room they're in is lit only by a flashing neon light to add to the noir feel): Lieutenant: 'Hey, that guy's dead!' Drake: 'That's what I keep telling him, but he won't listen.'

I wish would episodes of this series would surface. I had a blast, especially with the dialogue. Special mention goes out to Drake's 3- wheeled oversized bumper car, I did not expect that! Recommended! 7/10
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He's dead! That's what I keep telling him but he won't listen!
kapelusznik188 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Private dick Eddie Drake, Dan Haggerty, is hired by socialite Mrs. MacElraith, Lucia Carroll, to retrieve her diamond studded watch that was stolen from her while gambling at the Prince Menchnikov night club run by the Prince, Shep Menken, himself where one of the costumers was shot and killed during the robbery. With Mrs. MacElraith Wanting the watch back before her husband comes home from a business trip Drake has only 24 hours to find it which results in the murder of three persons who were somehow involved in the robbery.

As Drake gets to the bottom of this strange robbery-murder he uncovers not only the reason behind the crime and the cover up of it but the person who committed it. This puts Drake in the cross hair of the killer in order to prevent Drake from exposing him to the police. It's not hard for Drake to figure out what was behind this robbery and the murders that followed it. But to catch the killer red handed, with the help of police Lt. Walsh, Ted Von Etz, Drake had to play it cool as well as naive so he won't suspect that he's on to him. As well as put his life on the line by doing it.

***SPOILERS***Eddie being played as a sap or fool didn't quite work on the killer's part with him putting all the loose ends together and even better finding out that his client Mrs. MacElraith was a lot more involved in her being robbed of her diamond watch then she said that she was. And not only that the person killed during the robbery was also a private detective that was hired by Mrs. MacElraith's husband to check out her relationship with the man who ran the night club-Prince Menchnikov-that she was robbed in.
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