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Airbus crash
roxison28 March 2015
I like watching your show and will continue. I even get a good laugh sometimes. But I thought you're calling the co-pilot a NUT JOB this morning sounded like a bunch of snide teenagers. Very unprofessional. Saying he is mentally ill or a murderer is correct but the nut job just sounds so immature. I would not want to be his family seeing this NUT JOB remarks. I know the co-pilot was wrong about what he did. Yet his family has to live with this. It always comes back to them. If there are little siblings they have to see enough already. Other people will start calling him a NUT JOB. I hope you understand what I am meaning by this. Good show otherwise.
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Nothing wrong with Joni's commercial
minnie-pesl7 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When Joni's name, Iowa's senator elect came up, all the men could squirm about was when she spoke about castrating pigs. They all thought this was horrible and inhumane. Do they not realize that the Humane Society advocates castration of cats and dogs because of the over population? Do they not realize who is putting the food on the grocer's shelves? These kinds of whiners have no place on your show. There is no farmer who mistreats their animals. The farmer who does will not be in business for long. This is what is wrong with the general population. They are so far removed from "where the food comes from" that they would rather eat plastic manufactured in China then good basic food grown here. I hope you will bring common sense to your show.
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