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Best adaptation yet!
nauvasheena12 January 2020
Beautiful, inspiring and true to the historical era it depicts, it is obvious why Amazon picked this absolute gem up from Linden Films. Blade of the immortal goes to wonderfully dark places brings to light the frailty of human nature, while awing you with the humorous brutality of it's main character and the slight young woman for whom he fights. Disturbing and violent in the best of ways, the story will keep you coming back for more. Appreciable by those anime enthusiasts and new comers, do not miss this wonderful series!
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Liden Films needs to be stopped
residentgrigo18 October 2019
The manga speaks for itself at this point. It´s too long, too meandering at times, too fetishistic, etc. but it´s also one of the best chanbara manga of all time. Go and read it now. The new sequel is equally worth your time. The manga already had 2 solid adaptations through the 1 cour anime from the 00s and Takashi Miike´s live-action film. This one has trouble written all over it though due to the involvement of LIDENFILMS. Their last "full adaptation" of a long-running classic Seinen lead to the last gasps of the Berserk Saga Project, aside from the fact that the studio still has to produce even one actually good show. Terra Formars and Arslan Senki equally collapsed despite drowning in material to adapt... sigh. On to my review of ep. 1-3:

The 2008 anime from Bee Train of all people is now officially the best out of the 3 adaptations. Wow, just wow. Ep. 1 of the reboot corresponds to ep. 1-3, ep. 2 mercifully settled on only ep. 4-5 and ep. 3 corresponds to ep. 8-9. You read that right, the reboot already skipped a storyline. Most scenes with the main villain Anotsu are further cut or abbreviated and the backstories of the leads and Makie are rushed like crazy. The eclectic direction and the meager animation budget aren´t helping either. You could argue that last anime changed things around but Liden Films still rushed through 200 pages in 2 eps. and then though another 200 in ep. 3, while skipping 120 pages in-between. Argh. I may stick around as i want to see some of the later stuff come to life but a world of hurt is upon us if I consider that this was their best foot forward. Let´s see if they are mad enough to stuff 30 volumes into 24 eps. All signs point to yes... You've done it again Liden Films! Another classic wasted. Don´t watch this anime if you haven´t read the manga, as its 100% impossible to follow otherwise. 5/10 with room to drop further.

Update: I decided to suffer till the end. They it really condensed the whole 6000 page manga into 24 eps. The original´s quality somewhat shines though here and there but barely. The 2nd half especially is utterly incoherent and barley animated for long stretches. Don´t waste your time but nobody was tricked by this shallow and cheap mess anyway. Epic fail. 4/10.
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Worth a second look
hjplowman15 January 2020
I think I've reached a time of life where I seek out moral ambiguities and complex plot lines, and this promises to tick those boxes and then some. Looking forward to another series, maybe they can backfill with some details that have been missed out.
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Totally thrilled
imuckenschnabl28 April 2020
A fabulous Jidai-Geki ( Chanbara) anime set in the Edo period. Dramatic, deep, frightening, gory, bloody as hell, gripping story line, wonderful modern animation, fantastic fight scenes, wonderful music score.. One of my favorites of 2019/2020 next to "Dororo". Nothing for the faint hearted.... a classy high quality anime for adults. For me a 9.5/10
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Rushed Mess
riften-3189813 November 2019
The show lacks a great deal of dialog to keep consistency. What 1 episode in this show is 2-3 episodes of the previously made anime. If you care to watch this show I don't recommend this version.
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Pleasently surprised
Shodhan29 March 2020
Not having read the manga but, as an avid anime consumer I can really say this one surprised me with the art and intensity aquired. I did not even click on "skip intro" several times as I was bewitched by the strange soundtrack. I'm sure it's not everyone's choice but it's jackpot for me.
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