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  • After Bill tries to get Alby to break ranks with the Prophet, Roman finally has his day in court. Meanwhile, Nicki struggles with her devotion to her father; Sarah considers her prospects; Adaleen offers Rhonda some compelling reasons not to testify.


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  • The news plays on the television, reporting that Roman was examined by doctors after appearing distracted in the pretrial hearing. Rumor has it he's been diagnosed with depression. Alby talks to the cameras on his father's behalf, saying his confident that the charges against Roman will be proven false. Barb turns off the TV, and tells them to do something constructive. As Bill comes in, Margene asks Bill how his night was with Nicki. He ignores the question.

    Nicki charges into the kitchen and scolds Margene for playing her music too loud last night. The bickering and fighting begins. Barb asks Nicki to be a bit more respectful to Margene because she's still grieving. Bill warns everyone that they need to stick together now, especially during the trial. Barb agrees and announces that she and Margene have agreed to give Nicki their nights with Bill until the trial is over so they can "build the family." Neither Bill nor Nicki seem very thrilled about the idea.

    Bill meets with Rhonda and says he'll do anything he can to help her testify. She is suspicious of him because before, he wanted her to leave town. He apologizes and admits he put his own interests ahead of hers. Roman told Rhonda if she doesn't testify, he'll throw a dance in her honor but Bill insists that Roman is lying to her. She pleads, "If I testify, will it make people like me more?"--even though it's completely pathetic Bill can't resist. He says, "I will like you more if you testify."

    Meanwhile, Nicki meets with Roman at the prison. He scolds her for missing work for the past two days and demands that she go back to get more information on the character witnesses. She reluctantly agrees to go back.

    At Home Plus, Margene is chatting with Don. He is stressed because his runaway wives are running up the bill on his credit card, bleeding him dry. Margene says she is dealing with a loss too, and shows him pictures of her mother back when she was a showgirl. Don coos how her mother looks like Marilyn Monroe. Barb comes in and sits down with Don. Unbeknownst to Bill, Barb wants to find out what kind of resources that they have in case there is a backlash from the Bill testifying. Don admits that Home Plus is in the red for the first time and there's no money in Weber Gaming right now. All the money went toward the casino start-up.

    In the other room, Bill chats on the phone with Alby, offering his help in terms of investment strategies for the UEB if Alby comes in control of board. He convinces Alby to come in for a meeting. Laura, Alby's first wife, doesn't trust Bill and calls him a "Johnny come lately." But Alby is definitely considering the offer.

    That night at the house, Nicki and Bill are playing Go Fish before bed. Bill asks Nicki if she would like to watch the news. She says no, continues on with the game. He then asks, ''Would you like to have sex with me?'' She looks him in the eye and says, "No. I would not l like to have sex with you."

    Lois wakes up in her car. She calls back to Juniper Creek and Anita warns her that Frank is on the lookout for her and he took out a life insurance policy out on her. It turns out that Alby came to Frank's rescue and now she's on the run.

    Nicki, Ana, and Margene are at the grocery store shopping. Ana asks Nicki what she will do if her dad is convicted. Nicki doesn't want to talk about it and snaps at Ana. She swears to Margene, "If I have to live with her, things will change." Margene pleads with Nicki to give Ana a break and asks her why she's so angry. Nicki barks back that she knows what she's feeling and it's Margene who is keeping her feelings buried inside. She tells her to "deal with it or move on."

    Back at the house, Sarah watching an online video of a couple who is looking to adopt. Nicki is at work. Ray comes up from behind and throws a jelly bean at her, and tells her he's happy she's back in the office. She smiles and eats the jelly bean. Ray goes back to his office and meets with Bill who is offering his help to the trial. Ray wants to know what Bill will get out of it. He hesitates then admits he was run off when he was young, but now he's just looking out for his family. He persuades Ray to move the witnesses into protective custody. And he does just that. Rhonda, Kathy, Joey and Wanda are taken to a hotel with full protection. Rhonda pauses before going in and says they can't hold her their against her will. The guard tells he she can leave at anytime, they are just trying to keep her safe, and Kathy pleads for her to stay. Finally, Rhonda agrees and goes into the room.

    Barb makes a pie. The phone rings and it's her mother who is out in the car again. She's worried about the trial and if they will be mixed up in it. Barb refuses to go outside but asks her a favor. She tells her mother she's worried about their assets and wants to see she'll offer some help to make sure the kids are taken care of. Her mother notices Ana playing with the kids and asks who she is. Barb blows off the question. Her mother tells her she'll have to check with her husband before she can offer any help.

    Kathy calls JoDean and thanks her for testifying on her behalf. JoDean agrees to do whatever she can to help. Kathy then apologizes to Wanda for getting the family mixed up in trial. She says that if it's too hard, to just tell her and she'll leave. Wanda says, Okay, I want you leave. Kathy is so surprised, she doesn't know what to say, then Wanda says, I'm just kidding. Or is she?

    Margene has her headphones on and dancing out her sorrows. There are pictures of her mother scattered around the room.

    The next day, the lawyer tells Roman that Rhonda has agreed to testify and encourages him to take the deal. Roman is outraged. Meanwhile, Alby goes into Home Plus to meet with Bill. Bill tries to convince him to testify.

    Nicki is at the office and offering her help. There's less than 24 hours before the trial begins. Ray shares with Nicki that it all depends on the last two witnesses that are in protective custody. He tells her he feels sorry for them because even though they are doing the right thing, in the end they will never be free. He says it's like "trying to keep clean while standing in a cesspool." Nicki is conflicted. When he leaves her alone, she takes the with the information about the witnesses and writes down the address to the hotel. Adaleen calls Bill and threatens he'll get hurt if he testifies. She knows that he's working with Alby and says that the witnesses may get hurt as well.

    Heather and Ben go with Sarah to meet with the family who are looking to adopt. Sarah asks Sandy about her OCD, which she mentioned on her blog. Sandy fully admits her her disorder, moodiness and all and says that her husband, Eric, accepts her as she is, just as she accepts his SSA. Same sex attraction. They share how the church has helped them in their quest for righteousness and they are ready to be parents. After they leave, Heather thinks they are good fit but Sarah does not want her child growing up in a home where there is no true intimacy. Ben thinks Sarah should give the baby to their parents but Sarah is adamant she doesn't want her child growing up in polygamy.

    Bill gives Ray Henry a picture of Adaleen and tells him that she's the one that has been turning all the witnesses. Nicki spots Bill in the office and hides behind the door and listens in. Bill tells Ray he may be able to get Alby to testify.

    Nicki calls Adaleen and warns her. They head out to the desert to dig for the money that Adaleen buried so they can bribe Rhonda. Nicki tries to explain to her mother that she never wanted to get married, at least not the first time. Adaleen doesn't believe her and tells her that she needs to take back Nicki's half of the cash that she stole from Juniper Creek. It's over $30,000. They give up on Adaleen's money and go back to town where Nicki buried her stash.

    Alby and his wives are at dinner at the Henricksons. Laura, wife number one, complains that her gazpacho is cold to lure Barb out of the room. Once left alone, Bill starts working on Alby, trying to convince him to testfy. Alby is a little hurt that this is all Bill wanted from him, but Bill keeps on the charm. He tells him to make a statement. Bill calls Roman and tells him that Alby is going to testify against him. Roman tells Bill he will prevail and gives him one last chance to back out.

    Back at the hotel, Rhonda calls Sarah and leaves her a message. She says she was right all along and hopes that one day they can be friends. There's a knock on the door. It's Adaleen. She comes in with the cash and tells Rhonda to get out of town. Rhonda still thinks she's Roman's favorite but Adaleen tells her that Roman has washed his hands of her. She says, "He doesn't love you. No one really cares about you." Rhonda is in complete denial as she stares at the money and whispers, "but he said he loved me."

    Barb's mother, Nancy, calls from the car again. She brought a peace offering in a basket by the door but once again, Barb refuses to come outside. Nancy notices Lois and gets out the car to talk to her. Lois isn't happy to see her, but she reminds her that she tried to help her get away from Frank. Lois takes her basket and goes into the house and Nancy follows her inside. Everyone is shocked to see her. Nicki comes in next and it's obvious that Nancy is uncomfortable to see her. Then Margene comes in and much to everyone's surprise she's dyed her hair blonde. Nicki tells her she looks like a whore. Just then, Nancy notices Ana and asks her who she is. When she admits she's dating the family, both Nancy and Lois are upset. Lois screams at Bill that he's a dabbler. Even though everyone is upset, Bill takes this opportunity to propose to Ana and Barb seconds the motion in support. Ana is overwhelmed and excited, but asks if she can think it over first.

    The next day at the courthouse, everyone is there. Bill is surprised to see Nicki and tells her to go home but she refuses. Kathy takes the stand first. On the news, they say that trial depends on her testimony. Next JoDean is called to testfiy on behalf of her sister. First she says she would do anything for her, but then she says that she and Kathy were 19 when they were married the first time and that on the compound, they never celebrated birthdays so Kathy was confused about how old she was. The case is over. Roman is able to go free on minor charges of false imprisonment. On the way out, people spit on Kathy. When JoDean comes out, Adaleen releases her son. It's obvious they were holding him against his will.

    Roman walks free through the courthouse. He stops at the top of stairs where he sees Nicki and thanks her for making this all possible. As he turns to walk away, Nicki pushes him down the stairs. Everyone is shocked as he falls. He struggles and then gets up unscathed. He looks back at Nicki confused.

    Rhonda is hitching a ride in semi-truck on her way to Los Angeles, with nine hours to go. She asks the driver if he wants to listen to her demo and softly sings along with the tape. The truck driver says, "That's real pretty honey, why don't you slide over here close to me." Rhonda asks, "Are you married?"

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