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The perfect show for our times
MovieAddict20161 July 2010
"Party Down" is pervasively bleak - and even depressing at times - but it is also riotously funny. In a sense, it's the perfect show for our troubled times - at the height of an economic recession, with all these disasters occurring over the past few years, never has apathy and pessimism seemed so natural. As such, the show really taps into a broken-down, bitter attitude, using the LA wasteland as its source of inspiration...but it remains strangely optimistic because of the relationships between its cast members, whose characters struggle with their awful catering job but, at the end of the day, stick by each other. There's a sense of family amongst these broken-down rejects, and that's why we love watching their weekly miseries.

Adam Scott (a seriously underrated actor) is the "straight man" for the show - he enters season one as Henry, a new employee of Party Down Catering. He's a failed actor out of Hollywood who has finally accepted that he's too old and past his prime to ever achieve his dreams of becoming a star, so he has resorted to bartending for the company. Scott is wonderful at playing apathetic, and gives some of the best facial expression reactions I've seen in comedy. I'm used to seeing him as the meaner or wackier characters in titles like "Step Brothers" or "Eastbound and Down," but here he plays a very empathetic and human character, and is really the heart of the show.

Lizzy Caplan is the other relatively normal character in the show. She plays Casey, a stand-up comic treading water. As the season progresses, she becomes romantically involved with Henry, who is essentially her (and our) anchor amidst all the other crazy and eccentric people they encounter.

Ron Donald (Ken Marino) is the manager for Party Down, but the show avoids giving us the clichéd mean boss: he is painfully nice and sincere, with a perfectly goofy Brendan Fraser-style haircut that looks like someone just evened off the top rather lazily. Toward the end of season one he has a bit of a relapse with liquor and by season two his hair has grown out and he's smoking pot and drinking all day and lamenting his failed love life.

The rest of the cast consists of geeky Roman (Martin Starr), an aspiring elitist sci-fi writer whose writing actually rather sucks; Kyle (Ryan Hansen), a vain pretty-boy with another ridiculous haircut; and Constance (Jane Lynch), who exited season one to join the cast of "Glee" and was replaced in S2 by Lydia, a character played by Megan Mullally, who, it must be said, actually did a pretty good job filling in the void.

News spread yesterday that "Party Down" was canceled after the season two finale because it barely nabbed 700,000 viewers. Starz mishandled this show from day one, from not securing actors' contracts correctly (Adam Scott, unsure of whether the show would be renewed months ago, joined "Parks and Recreation" instead, and Ryan Hansen was also rumored to be moving on) to not really advertising it very much -- and then relying solely on viewing numbers instead of Netflix streams or illegal downloads. (Because they were dumb enough to NOT provide legal downloads on iTunes, which probably would have worked really well for them.) I've heard a lot of positive word-of-mouth lately, with everyone I talk to streaming it on Netflix's website. I don't know a single person who even subscribes to Starz. I'd say 700k views for a season finale on a premium channel that no one watches is pretty good! But I'm actually kinda glad that they went out on a good note rather than running the show into the ground. They provided two very consistent seasons, and with Adam Scott's definite departure from the show, it really just wouldn't have been the same. Hopefully the show will pick up some more word-of-mouth and become a cult hit on DVD, and Starz will do some kind of special a couple years down the road (like Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant did with the British "Office") - then the full cast could return. Even though I'm glad the show didn't outstay its welcome, I liked these characters enough to be interested in where they'd be at in a few years.

"Party Down" is destined to be one of those titles you'll see on critics' "canceled-too-soon" lists over the next few years, right up there with "Arrested Development" and "Freaks and Geeks." It was a pleasure to watch every week, oddly reassuring in its pessimism, finding humour in the strengths of likable and empathetic characters, even when they were suffering through some pretty rough times. I feel like much truly great comedy finds the truths in common human weakness, causing us to laugh at misfortunes that we can relate to, and "Party Down" excelled at doing so.
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TV's Best Kept Sevret
moselekm11 May 2010
Where to even begin. I stumbled upon this when browsing New TV Comedies on Watch Instantly from Netflix and decided to give it a shot. And I am very glad I did. I have burned through all my TV Comedies forty times over. The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and all of those. This one easily fights for my number one spot of favorite TV Sitcoms. The show doesn't try any quirky gimmicks (which drove me quickly away from watching too much 30 Rock), or anything over the top. The film is based on a Motley Crew of Caterer's of has-beens or aspiring actors who do the dry waiting job while they wait for their big break.

Every character is hilarious and none are annoying. Granted, some will have their episodes where they are the heel, but the writers have a great punishment regiment in each episode which makes you feel like you weren't harassed the entire episode by horrible writing just to create an annoying personality.

The show has enough story to sync them all together and to keep you interested in the chronological history of everything, but not so much that it becomes a drama or a sinking point. The comedy is purely adult with minimal if any at all slapstick. It's namely realistic and witty humors launched from all sides with realistic and sideshow situations.

Over all this show is great for those like me who have exhausted all the better comedy shows out there and need something new and unique. I have never seen a show like this one or sell it like this.
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Excellent and Original
d_worsell-14 June 2010
Party Down is an excellent and original new show. To best describe the show I would say it would be like having Seth Rogen and Jud Apatow guest directing an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Ken Marino is excellent in Party Down as well. He plays the roll of Ron Donald perfectly and is a highly underrated comedic force. This show is a breath of fresh air to the mundane world that is comedy on television. It also features many of the actors from Veronica Mars, including Kristen Bell herself. If you are expecting a second Veronica Mars though than this show is not for you. All in all though it is an excellent comedy that should keep the laughs coming for as long as it is running.
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First HBO made Eastbound & Down now Starz unleashes Party Down
ayoforyayo6922 April 2009
This show is so great already and has even more potential. The first episode was just OK but man after that each episode keeps getting better and better. The show is about a group of caterers that go to their events but always end up being sidetracked by themselves. Every character has a unique personality and they all mesh perfectly. I wouldn't have thought that Starz could get so many actors and actresses that are hilarious but they managed to nab 3 actors from the Apatow crew (needless to say they are funny) and the Mean Girls lesbian and the dude from Wet Hot American Summer. If you have Starz this is a must watch show.. Premium Channels are saving comedy one show at a time.
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Amazing, and sorely overlooked.
vincentdee2225 January 2011
Party Down is / was amazing.

Stars Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Adam Scott, Lizzy Caplan (swoon), Martin Starr and other Apatow / Veronica Mars / The State fixtures.

F*cking hilarious and incredibly good--on par with the British Office--and sorely overlooked because it was produced by Starz, which no one will ever subscribe to.

The silver lining: it's streaming on Netflix. Highest possible recommendation.

(And because this interface forces reviewers to write ten lines of text, I'll parenthetically add, as an appetizer: at some point during the series, Steve Guttenberg will get naked in a hot tub, after having discussed German Expressionism.)
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Loved it!
jabiddle-127 August 2009
I thought this show was GREAT! The reason I found it in the first place was because Veronica Mars ended and so I wanted more of Rob Thomas. Well, turns out there is quite the slew of people working on this show, and the product is wonderful (to me, of course). I am a huge Veronica Mars fan, and so it was neat to see various cast members guest star on all the different episodes. I thought it was humorous and well-written. The pilot episode doesn't quite grab you, but once I got in to a couple episodes, I quickly appreciated the first ones.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a light, funny show. I can't wait for season two (if there is one). It definitely leaves you wanting more.
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This sassy gem is adult humour in the best sense!
spindizzy26 April 2010
After the guilty (far too old to be it's intended audience) pleasure of Veronica Mars I stumbled across this series trying to find something else by Rob Thomas ...and what a gem! The contrast between Ron(KEN MARINO)'s touchingly earnest efforts, while his team of caterer's resent every minute of a temporary, crappy job is pitch perfect.

Also, eccentric clients (every episode is at different gig) provide some great guest cameos (Steven Weber's is my current favourite). The cringe-worthy situations that develop and basis of characters 'on the edge' of show-business remind me of Ricky Gervais's 'Extras' - but this is FAR funnier. The weakest element so far is the romance but let's see what happens with it. I just ordered the DVD of series 1 too. Bravo all involved!
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Great show (Season 1 review)
Alpha_PL12 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I must admit, I was a little reluctant to watch Party Down after the mixed reviews I've been seeing on the Internet. How wrong was I. Season one is way better than most of the current comedy shows on TVs. Party Down is about a group of wannabe-Hollywood-artists whose careers didn't go as well as they hoped, so they've started to work in the titular catering company, and every episode is set at a different party, like for example a Sweet 16 of a spoiled girl or Senior Singles seminar.

The cast of the show is awesome. From the Veronica Mars alums (Ken Marino, Ryan Hansen) to other familiar faces (Martin Starr-"Freaks and Geeks" and Lizzy Caplan-"Cloverfield") etc. everyone fits in they're role perfectly and delivers the jokes flawlessly. Special praise in my opinion goes to Adam Scott, who plays Henry, and Jane Lynch, who plays Constance. Henry's recognizability due to the fact that he played in a beer commercial and the great catch-phrase that came along with it are the cause of many laughs throughout the season. Jane Lynch on the other hand is great as an oddball in the group, the arguments that she has with the groups "hardcore sci-fi veteran" Roman are also very hilarious. But those characters are not the only ones who bring laughter to the viewer, the guest stars are also great, from the foul-mouthed JK Simmons, whose basically JJ Jameson with safety off, to Veronica Mars herself- Kristen Bell as an strict catering team leader, they make every episode memorable.

The writing is also top-notch, dialogues are awesome and the situations that the main characters find themselves in every episode, which to say always end in failure, are clever and hilarious. The only downside to this show that I could find is the mandatory in these types of shows (see Jim and Pam, Ross and Rachel, JD and Elliot) "will they or won't they" storyline with two of the main characters- played by Scott and Caplan. The banters between the two are great, but in the end, the relationship feels kind of forced and unneeded. Either way, Party Down is a great show, that I recommend to anyone who likes a good laugh once in a while. It does a pretty good job of filling the void left by cancellations of Veronica Mars and Arrested Development, though if I might say, longer seasons wouldn't hurt.
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It's funny
capellizzi21 April 2010
What's funnier than the show itself are the people on this board that think they understand what they are talking about. I watched this show for the first time the other day, and I do have to say that it is very entertaining. The writing is really good and well thought out, and I love what the actors do with it. Most of the people talking smack about this show are probably over 45 years old, and think that two and a half men is the funniest show in the world. This is definitely a show for the young people. All in all, this show definitely has it's place, and has a decent enough fan base that it won't be effected by the 2 or 3 bad reviews that are written on this site.
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Really fun show
jnb67-13 September 2009
I have to admit, I'm not a fan of Rob Thomas. I was done with Veronica Mars by a few episodes into the 2nd season. The Cupid remake was pretty awful despite some decent memories of the Jeremy Piven original. I never have or will see the new 90210; hell, I only ever saw fifteen or twenty minutes if the original. Party Down, on the other hand, is a real fun and funny show. PD presents us with a broad range of characters and situations rife with comedic (not to mention humiliatingly uncomfortable) potential. The characters are exactly the sort of people you might expect to find working for a Hollywood caterer: hasbeens and wannabes. With Henry and Casey, they even managed to toss in a bit of a non-contrived romantic subplot a la Pam and Jim from The Office. I wish we could get full 22 episode seasons of Party Down. Good going Rob Thomas and company.
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Party Down
joeshine-602-4422118 July 2010
Party Down is a refreshing voice that has recently been non-existent in the television community. It's a great grasp on what young people today conceive as hilarious and for those that aren't capable of enjoying this satire on Hollywood, they are mistaken. Party Down gives the viewer the perspective from a down and out actor struggling for acceptance and satisfaction from an industry that only values profit. While also embracing the fact that happiness isn't measured by a dollar sign. Henry's struggle for the equilibrium in his professional career as well as his love life transcend the screen. For all the shows from premium channels, this show has a lovable cast that the viewer ship can relate to; Which is more than I can say about other television programs.
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Brilliantly written and casted!
billythemountain2 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
That these 'caterers' rarely actually do their jobs is completely irrelevant to this well scripted, perfectly casted show. The directing is similar to other darkish-awkward comedies like The Office. I stumbled across this on Amazon and got both seasons for less than $15, total. Great addition to the collection. The interplay among characters is very entertaining and develops nicely as the series progresses. The ongoing rivalry between Kyle & Roman is hysterical. Even the requisite romance is written and performed interestingly and funny. Love this show and glad I stumbled upon it. Best guest appearance: JK Simmons, who appears in 2 episodes and is absolutely rip roaring, riotously, laugh out loud funny. It is a real shame this show didn't have a longer run.
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It Grew On Me
duskk7777721 May 2010
When I first saw Party Down I was less than impressed. The premise though very unique wasn't interesting enough to please me. It wasn't that funny to me either. The characters to really catch my attention was Jane Lynch's character and Ken Marino. Other than that I just didn't care about the others. After the first episode I was convinced that this show wasn't for me. I never bothered watching again, until The Sweet Sixteen episode. The episode was so amazingly funny and well written, that I knew I had to give it a chance. This series has the potential to be something amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in watching a fresh new comedy.

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Rob Thomas delivers another comic gem
jf-steele27 August 2009
For any fellow 'Veronica Mars' travelers lost in sea of despair since its unfortunate demise, knowing that such greatness would rarely be achieved again, welcome to your refuge. Rob Thomas has returned (bringing most of the veronica mars cast as well) to bring the masses a witty and commonly overlooked mastery of this comedy of errors. 'Party Down' is about a nuanced group of people working together who have miserably failed in life from becoming the great successes they dreamed of being when they were just starting out. Though most of these people refuse to accept their failure and maintain the last shred of hope that they are indeed winners and the best is yet to come, circumstances always prove otherwise. The only thing preventing this from being incredibly sad is the relationships and bonds they share with one another. This makes the jobs they share together the only way to face the challenges brought on by each new day and each catered event. This series is a truly smart comedy that has you rooting for these people, despite their glaring flaws, all along the way.
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Sad it's only two seasons
banana-0588822 May 2019
I'm sad that it's only two seasons because it was a hilarious show and totally bingeworthy. However, if those show hadn't been canceled, we may never have had Ben Wyatt.
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One of the very best comedies to ever air on television
BertMacklin_923 January 2012
Its a real shame that the very best shows that ever aired on television got canceled so soon. Shows such as 'Arrested Development' and 'Freaks and Geeks.' 'Party Down' is another one of those shows. So smart, funny, innovative, yet, gets yanked off the air because of low ratings. Sad.

'Party Down' revolves around a party-catering company. The structure of the show is very simple yet effective. Each episode takes place at a certain event with certain types of people. This gives each eccentric character a chance to interact with all of the party guests in so many awkward, unusual, and flat-out hilarious ways.

A major theme of 'Party Down' is young people trying to have breakthroughs and make it into the film industry. They want so badly to become noticed, yet, they work for others every week and have no satisfaction. This is one of the many genius pathos that drive this very thoughtful comedy.

As a whole, 'Party Down,' obviously, was very underrated. But something very underrated is the cast of the show. 'Party Down' has one of the very best comedic ensembles I've seen on TV. The main character is Henry, played by Adam Scott. Henry is a very hopeless and apathetic actor who made it somewhat big with a famous catch-phrase on a beer commercial. Now, though, he can't seem to find his breakthrough, so to get by, he works for the Party Down company as a bartender, but has no interest in it at all. Adam Scott is one of the very best young and comedic actors around. He plays the part very subtle and small, making the character really speak to us. He plays the 'straight-man' to all of the eccentric characters, yet he has this relaxed humor that doesn't come off as over-the-top. Scott's performance reminds me a lot of Jason Batmane's in 'Arrested Development.'

The supporting characters here are all so interesting and wonderfully weird. There's Casey, a character who's very similar to Henry. She's a comedian trying to strike it big and Lizzy Caplan plays the role very subtle but has a biting delivery as well. Her and Scott's chemistry is something so sweet and honest to watch. Ken Marino plays Ron, a character who's so cringe-worthy but yet so addictive and funny. Ron is the company's leader who we learn used to be into drugs. He becomes clean, and now parades around his coworkers making sure they know just how much of a good person he is. Ron is a good person, but he's so painfully honest and does everything for the best of his team, which takes the character into some hilarious situations. There's Roman played by Martin Starr. Roman is a character who reminds me of Dwight Schrute from 'The Office.' He's very nerdy, intense, but yet kind of driven. Roman is a science-fiction screenwriter hoping to get noticed. He's very eccentric and makes for some very funny moments. There's Kyle, played by Ryan Hansen. Kyle is your typical Hollywood pretty boy actor. An actor who may become famous just because of his long blonde hair and good looks. He thinks he has talent, but is so oblivious to what he really is. Then lastly there's Jane Lynch as Constance and Megan Mullally as Lydia. Both of these actresses and characters are very similar. They are very big comedic performances that offer some scene-stealing moments. These characters are the oldest ones of the group, and play as each young person's mentor. These actresses are obviously two hilarious and very talented women, and both of these characters are so wonderfully weird.

'Party Down' has a very quiet, subtle, and smart sense of humor. Its very character-driven, which is something you don't get quiet often. The situations and pathos in each episode are very true and seem so real. 'Party Down' is also filmed in a very interesting way for a comedy as well. Its basically a hand-held camera, but the filming techniques here simple and effective. The directors let each scene roll in a relaxed way so each actor/actress can really let loose with their lines and get really creative with their characters.

The complete series, which consists of only 20 episodes, is available on Netflix. If you're into intelligent comedy with real, interesting characters, 'Party Down' is something you should experience.
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An absolutely beautiful comedy!
taylorjsmith272 August 2013
Although Arrested Development is my 3rd favorite TV show of all time, I wish this one survived longer than AD. If you have not seen this show, please do. The casting is perfect from the 'star' actors tot he extras. A beautiful comedy, that truly speaks to where the genre came from. I have no idea what it is like to be a struggling actor, but I truly believe in these characters struggles and am convinced the actor's struggles themselves are indeed portrayed on screen. It is a shame that art like this is shunned and shows like, '3 1/2 Men' and 'How I Met Your Mother' can survive the test of time. Unlike 'AD', I believe anybody and everyone who watches will fall in love with this show.
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Brilliant Writing & Acting!
rtailor-0490122 September 2019
I didn't stumble on this hidden gem until 2019 but am I glad I did! This show is amazing, creative, funny, witty and always kept a tight story line that played out perfectly in 30 minutes. All of the players were awesome. Professional actors given brilliant writing- a perfect storm. I will add that I had to go and look up Ken Marino because he was out of this world perfect in his part. And besides the flip phones, everything in these two seasons aged very well ( maybe with the exception of the football draft episode). Watch this and be entertained.
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I Have Watcfhed The Whole Series About TEn Times
bshaef-342293 August 2019
And think its one of the best ever. Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan and Jane Lynch were awesome. First time I saw this was when it originally played and I didn't know who they were. I do now. I'll probably watch it ten more times because I can binge it on StarzGo. What a great hilarious, flat out side bendingly funny show. I wish there was some way they could extend the series with a new group of unknowns.
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Really funny
rebecca-ry4 July 2012
'Party Down' is a great show, it's a shame that it has such a small number of fans and that no one really watched it.

The acting is great; the cast work perfectly with each other. The little mini stories between characters in the show are hilarious, particularly the rivalry between Roman and Kyle.

The script is really funny; the scenarios get more and more ridiculous as the series goes on but it doesn't stop getting funny. Sometimes the ending of an episode can be a bit predictable but it still makes you laugh.

The plot is basically about a group of wannabe actors and writers who can't seem to become successful and work as waiters for a catering business to make money. They are rarely shown working, casually drink and take drugs on the job and argue with each other constantly. The plot seems so simple yet it is brilliant and works perfectly.

If you have not watched this series yet I would strongly suggest you do so. You may be familiar with some of the actors; Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott and Jane Lynch with some guest stars featuring throughout the series.
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Feels a little too familiar
futurefeet20 April 2011
This is not a terrible show, but it's certainly not a great show either. It feels a little too much like the formula of the office; Henry and Casey are the Jim and Pam, Ron is the Michael Scott, Roman is Dwight, etc. And in this case, the "Jim and Pam" characters are really not very likable. We're apparently supposed to like Henry, but he comes off like one of those too-cool-for-the-room a**holes.

It also relies a little too heavily on awkward situations to provide the comedy, but it never really delivers on the comedic promise of those situations. In short, the characters are too one-dimensional, and there just aren't many laughs.
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Not having fun yet
TonyCamonte8422 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I heard good things about this show and decided to give it a try. Sadly it's another show with formulaic characters and unoriginal jokes making it a run-of-the-mill comedy.

It gets really cringe-worthy when the jokes are way too obviously set up and are delivered by punchlines no real person would ever utter ever. There were 3 "jokes" in the pilot alone that made me immediately want to turn it off and never watch it again, because I felt they insulted my intelligence just too much. I stuck with it for a lot longer just to see if it would get any better, which it does not, and to be able to write this review.

I have yet to laugh a single time watching 'Party Down'…or even smile… If anything it's annoying and a waste of time. I couldn't bear it anymore after 3 episodes. There are hints of wit in the dialogue, but they're few and far between. The simple formula of creating absurd awkward situations that are completely unbelievable comes across as forced, simplistic and insulting to the viewer.
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Party Canceled
copperncherrio13 March 2011
Is it just me or is everyone from Veronica Mars recycled through this show?

It's not a show that I set aside time to watch. You miss a few episodes and not missed much. However, the show does sit in its awkward moments delivered by one-dimensional but good characters.

It's a bit slow for me, but The Office and Arrested Development crowd would eat this up.

There are some great female comedians in this show though. But I hate the love interests and the main characters even though they are suppose to be neutral.

I see why it was canceled. Sorry.
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Love this crude event show
UniqueParticle23 May 2019
Others had the best description so I'll just say some stuff for myself. I've seen this show several times - still love it - bummer that it got cancelled! Great episodes about event planners that get distracted while on the job that get into zany situations which can be either hilarious or depressing. Awesome cast; some of which are more known from other stuff like (Mean Girls), (Freaks and Geeks), or other comedic movies/shows cool that someone mentioned how HBO had (Eastbound and Down) and STARZ had Party Down - which is wonderful!

Nice to chill and binge sometimes - highly recommend it wherever it can be found and definitely not appropriate for kids at all. I also love the music.
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aguynameddrew26 April 2019
I don't know why this show never got more buzz, it's hilarious.

It's only 2 seasons which is disappointing, but it does make a great show to binge watch.

If you've never heard of it, check it out, i think you're in for a treat.

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