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Dr. Christian Troy: [upon learning of her and Mike's matching tattoos] You two mental midgets belong together.

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Dr. Sean McNamara: [in restaurant, to his difficult daughter] Can you turn off your iPod, please?

[no response]

Dr. Sean McNamara: I said take off your iPod!

[no response, and he tries snatching it away]

Annie McNamara: Stop it! You'll break them!

Dr. Sean McNamara: And take off that hat!

Annie McNamara: [sullenly] I don't want to.

Dr. Sean McNamara: Annie, your mom told me you were having a tough time adjusting to the divorce and all the changes, and I want you to know... I get it. And I'm here for you. We both are.

Annie McNamara: You're the one who married her. Not me.

[new wife Teddy takes the hostile reaction in her stride]

Dr. Sean McNamara: You know what? I don't care what you're going through. I didn't raise you to be rude.

Dr. Teddy Rowe: It's fine, Sean. Just leave it.

[pats him on the shoulder]

Dr. Sean McNamara: Okay. Great. Let's just eat.

Annie McNamara: I'm not hungry. My stomach hurts. I need to go to the bathroom.

[gets up]

Annie McNamara: Unless you think that would be rude.

[goes off]

Dr. Sean McNamara: [as Teddy laughs] I'm sorry. It's like I don't even recognize her. I don't know who that is.

Dr. Teddy Rowe: That is a thirteen-year-old girl, honey. We're all horrifically hormonal at that age. It's totally normal.

Dr. Sean McNamara: And what's with the makeup and the hat?

Dr. Teddy Rowe: Well, I guess she's just experimenting for the first time. Trying on different personas, disguises. Seeing what image fits her.

Dr. Sean McNamara: Well, they're gonna have to fit me with a straitjacket. I'll tell you, compared to her, Matt was a breeze.

Dr. Teddy Rowe: Well, I am sorry, but... I have to leave you two.

Dr. Sean McNamara: Oh, right. Run away, coward.

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