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Katie McGrath: Lena Luthor



  • Supergirl : Why do you have Myriad?

    Lena Luthor : Well, you caught me. I have Myriad because I'm using you, like you used me.

  • Lena Luthor : I killed my brother for you, for our friends! Don't you understand what you've done?

  • Supergirl : Are you gonna try to kill me?

    Lena Luthor : No. Supergirl, I'm not gonna kill you. I'm not a villain. You shouldn't have treated me like one.

  • Lena Luthor : When I came to this city, I promised myself that I would never trust anyone again, and... then I met you. And you chipped away at my armor with your warmth and your earnestness, and you convinced me to trust in people and friendship again, and against my better judgment, I did, all the while telling you about my Achilles heel, betrayal. I confided in you that everyone in my past had betrayed me. About how much it hurt to have someone you love lie to you and betray you. I spelled it out to you over and over again, essentially begging you not to violate my trust, begging you not to prove that, once again, that I was a fool. You reassured me ad nauseum that you would never lie to me, that you'd never hurt me. And all the while, there wasn't a single honest moment in our friendship.

  • Supergirl : Please don't let my mistake push you to do something terrible. You are a good person!

    Lena Luthor : No, you don't ever get to tell me who or what I am again!

  • Hope : She's gone. I've reactivated heightened penthouse security. You were right as always, Ms. Luthor. Leviathan will attempt to retrieve the medallion at all costs. But why would you provoke them over something of no value?

    Lena Luthor : It has value to me. The medallion was special to my mother, and the fact that Leviathan wants it makes it useful. Lex theorized that Superman kept every weapon that was ever used against him in a special facility. A fortress. And although he never found it, I think Lex was right. I think the perfect dispersal device for Project Non Necere is hidden there, gathering dust. And Leviathan is gonna help me find it.

    Hope : Please don't underestimate the danger of Leviathan. You should cancel the L-Corp event at the park. They will come after you.

    Lena Luthor : Let them come. Supergirl will save me.

  • Querl Dox : Thank god for selfie culture. Because of this generation's constant need to live stream everything, we've got a clear image of your attacker. And I knew I had seen that face before. Do you recall Antioch, 526 AD?

    Lena Luthor : It was an earthquake. It was the eighth-largest natural disaster in modern history.

    Querl Dox : Precisely. It's good to have you back, Lena. A myth was born that this man was the cause. Now, of course, scientists insisted that the natural disasters were natural, but in an ironic twist of history, they were wrong, and the fearmongers were right. Several reliable sources place this man at the scene of the crime throughout history. Pompeii, the Yellow River flood of 1887, the Bhola cyclone, even as far back as Noah's flood, this Earth-Bender has been spotted.

    Alex Danvers : Excuse me, did you say "Earth-Bender"?

    Querl Dox : How else would you describe him? He... he literally manipulates the earth.

    Supergirl : But wait. Pompeii, Noah's flood? I mean, what is he, thousands of years old?

    Querl Dox : Correct. Which means he's an alien with powers of longevity this civilization has never conceived of.

    Alex Danvers : No wonder people thought he was a myth.

    Lena Luthor : With all this destruction, his existence is still shrouded in mystery. He's managed to convince the world he doesn't exist.

  • Supergirl : [after the Fortress identifies Lena as an intruder]  Sorry. I... I had no idea Superman would... would take such extreme measures.

    Lena Luthor : No, if Lex knew about this place, he would do anything or kill anyone to get in here, so...

    Supergirl : Well, you are not Lex.

    Lena Luthor : And you are not your cousin. We are miles beyond those boys with their sticks and their stones.

    Supergirl : Yes, we are.

  • Lena Luthor : [seeing the Fortress]  Wow. This is... breathtaking.

    Supergirl : It's our Krypton on Earth.

  • Supergirl : I never used you.

    Lena Luthor : Do you remember when you finally told me you were Supergirl? You were weeping. Big crocodile tears. Well, I wept real tears. Bitter tears over you weeks before.

    Supergirl : What? I... I thought... how long had you known?

    Lena Luthor : I found out the day I killed my brother.

  • Supergirl : When you found out, why didn't you come... to me right away, so I could explain...

    Lena Luthor : Explain? Yeah?

    Supergirl : If you hate me so much, why... why not out me at the Pulitzer party? Why pretend to still be my friend this long?

    Lena Luthor : 'Cause I wanted you to experience what you did to me. Feel what I felt.

    Supergirl : I understand your pain and your fury, and... and you're right. I made a big mistake, maybe the biggest mistake of my life, but please... Lena, please don't leave the Fortress with Myriad.

  • Supergirl : Lena, you didn't kill Lex. I... that was me. I... I watched him... I saw him fall.

    Lena Luthor : You saw him fall, but did you see him land? Did you see him die? I did, and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty.

    Supergirl : That's impossible.

    Lena Luthor : Anything's possible when you're a Luthor. Lex used his transmatter portal watch. I knew exactly where he'd go. The cabin we loved when we were children, so I was there waiting for him. I had the gun ready, loaded. I could feel the weight of it in my hands. Every fiber in my being rebelled, but I... I didn't want to do it, but I knew I had to because if Lex lived, the world wouldn't be safe, my friends wouldn't be safe. So I forced myself to pull the trigger. I shot my own brother in the chest. His final words to me were that I was a fool, that my best friend, that every friend I had was lying to me. With his dying breath, he told me that you were Supergirl.

  • Supergirl : You ready for a road trip?

    Lena Luthor : Are you sure me going is a good idea?

    Supergirl : Of course. Why wouldn't it be?

    Lena Luthor : I don't know. A Luthor in the Fortress of Solitude?

    Supergirl : It's gonna be great. But you're gonna need a jacket.

  • Querl Dox : The word "Leviathan" occurs six times in the Hebrew Bible. Never once does it appear in any historical scientific literature.

    Alex Danvers : So how are we supposed to fight a highly secretive, thousand-year-old alien with powers that we have no idea how to beat?

    Lena Luthor : Well, I know one person who spent his life fighting aliens, both real and imagined.

    Supergirl : Your brother.

    Lena Luthor : I know most of his minor weapons are in Fort Summit, but his truly horrendous ones, they were all destroyed by Superman.

    Supergirl : That's not necessarily true. A lot of Lex's weapons are in the Fortress of Solitude.

    [seeing her look of surprised shock] 

    Supergirl : Oh, it... it's a place Superman created. We keep things there that can harm us.

    Lena Luthor : Well, you just go to the Fortress, and I'll give you a list of every weapon that Lex ever created.

    Supergirl : Why don't you come with me? I mean, there's no telling what weapons we'll encounter.

    Alex Danvers : And then Brainy and I will stay here, and we'll continue our search for Rip Roar and this Earth-Bender.

    Querl Dox : Supergirl, remember the strongest, most potent weapon is knowledge. So send me whatever you can find from the Fortress database.

  • Lena Luthor : You can come out now.

    Margot : [emerging from the shadows, gun in hand]  Give me the medallion.

    Lena Luthor : I don't think so.

    [Margot fires her weapon, which deflects off an energy barrier] 

    Lena Luthor : I have the most intricate security system in the world. I know all about Leviathan.

    Margot : No one knows all about Leviathan. Leviathan is unknowable.

    Lena Luthor : I'm not afraid.

    Margot : [turning to leave]  You will be.

  • Supergirl : We're almost to the central database.

    Lena Luthor : Assuming the Fortress doesn't attack me again. Thank you for saving me back there.

    Supergirl : Oh, I shouldn't have had to, but it does seem like dangerous saves are sort of our thing now.

    Lena Luthor : [chuckling]  Yeah, it does. Of course, it used to be me being the one that's saving you. Imagine, I thought I was protecting my fragile, vulnerable friend.

  • Lena Luthor : Is that a polyphasic quantum processor? They've long been theorized, but I had no idea one actually existed.

    Supergirl : I think it is.

  • Supergirl : Did you reprogram the Fortress defenses to attack me?

    Lena Luthor : Yes.

  • Lena Luthor : So, the computer said we need to look for something that will hurt Kryptonians. Seems to be a lot of that in here.

    [seeing the Myriad device] 

    Lena Luthor : What's this?

    Supergirl : That is Myriad. My... my family created it.

    Lena Luthor : I think I was still in Metropolis when Myriad hit. The news footage, though, it was pretty horrific.

    Supergirl : And reality was even worse. My aunt Astra and her husband turned all of humanity into mindless zombies in less than a second. If there was one weapon in this room I could destroy, it would be that one.

    Lena Luthor : [picking up another weapon]  Oh, well, this could be the ticket. It's a sonic cannon. It sends concentrated blasts of high-frequency ultrasonic waves at whatever you aim it at. With a few slight adjustments, we can maybe use it to destabilize Rama Khan. I mean, at least long enough to put the power-dampening cuffs on him. It was designed for evil, but perhaps we can use it for some good.

  • Supergirl : This gun is so tiny.

    Lena Luthor : Yeah, Lex designed that to fit under his many human hair wigs.

    Supergirl : [putting it down]  Ugh!

  • Lena Luthor : Remember when we went to Kaznia and the jet was crashing? And I was frantic to try and save us, I was desperate to save my friend before myself; little did I know that that friend could actually fly.

    Supergirl : I'm so sorry I put you through that.

    Lena Luthor : No, it was impressive, how often you saved me without me realizing. I mean, you're an excellent actress.

    Supergirl : Telling you the truth was such a relief, and I'm so glad that now we can be honest with each other and all of that is behind us.

    Lena Luthor : Me, too.

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