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Hilarious - Comedy Central's best new show in a while
TheDude500026 August 2009
I don't get all the hate against this show, on this site. It makes absolutely no sense to me. This show has been awesomely hilarious since the first episode. I just don't get what's NOT to like about it.

I liked Stella when it first came out, and was disappointed when it wasn't renewed. However, I like this show even MORE. It's kinda like the Tenacious D HBO episodes, where it's a show within a show, with Michael & Michael talking to the audience throughout the episodes. The sketches are definitely some of the best I've seen in a long time, examples including: Michael & Michael having an air "fight" where neither person actually hits the other, a sweatpants store for depressed people, "Same Age Couples", the Rabbit Stomping Competition, "British Fork Offerer", and so much more. What really drives the show is the great chemistry between MIB and Show. They have this passive aggressive way of insulting each other and others, which really makes things work.

Anyway, I have to say this is Comedy Central's best new show since 2005. If you like Stella, Reno 911, The Hollow Men, and Tenacious D, you'll like this.
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Good show, but not Stella
yeahright1813 January 2010
If you were a fan of Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, or the State, you'll find something to enjoy in MMHI. It's not supposed to be like Stella, so you'll be upset if you go in expecting that. Point is, it's a new show. There's no David Wain element to it, and sometimes it's noticeable, but it still works in it's own way. There's some serious laughs to be held, and other times you can feel the need for Wain; however, it's easy to see the show progress into something much, much better if given more episodes.

I'd say this show is more like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in that it's a lot of arguing and a lot of laughs.

MMHI is a solid 7/10 from a serious Stella lover.
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Great new show with 2 stars of the hit show and comedy team "Stella."
jeppydog1 August 2009
Love these guys from Stella. Michael Ian Black is the funniest guy in the world and Michael Showalter is great too. The show takes everyday occurrences and puts hilarious twists on them. They play two stars of a comedy documentary of how they make this show and play themselves using their own names. Ignore the mean review at the top given by someone who never even heard of Stella or these talented guys. I recommend that everyone checks it out. It is not very censored and yet keeps a certain realism by the rest of the cast that allows the humor to be believable and funny. They take current real issues and discuss them in the most creative and outrageous ways.
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Potential if advertised more lightly
chaosweaver14423 July 2009
It's funny I can check a box to say if this review contains spoilers to a show that Comedy Central spoils every single commercial break. To enjoy this show to it's fullest, just avoid watching Comedy Central's commercial breaks all together. Aside from that, MMHI is a show that is much more than just two guys hating each other. The pilot introduces this concept just to sink it in (as if the commercials didn't do that already), but after watching the second episode, MMHI is solely a stand out sitcom with skits and appearances on stage in between. To Michael and Michael's credit, they succeed at all three of these, which is not easy to do. If this show stays on par with episode two, it has potential.
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Just discovered this in 2014! Bloody hilarious!
meltinzone12 May 2014
You stooges that got this show tin canned. Thanks. A. Lot. Say whatever, but you obviously don't have a funny bone in your body or you would have got some great laughs from this show! It was a gem that I would've loved to see blossom, but now I wont.

The 7 eps are still totally 100% worth a watch!

I reckon if Comedy Central added it to their line up today as a new show, it would be a hit. That said I do feel Comedy Central went downhill around the years this was on. Perhaps if some of their other shows had have performed better they could have given this a better chance to find it's audience. Nowadays, with the internet and all the streaming, someone needs to find a better way to get ratings.

Pity this never had a chance thanks to (I'm guessing) some Michael haters.
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It Simply Falls Short
DangermouseDavs18 July 2009
There's not a lot to this show, and subsequently not a lot to my review.

"Michael and Michael Have Issues" is about two guys who disagree. A lot. There's your plot summary.

If I were to try and compare this show to something that people actually watch, I'd say it were like "The Office" mated with a Dimitri Martin comedy routine and had all the funny bits taken out.

Really, though, if you're a fan of "The Office", don't expect this show to come close to what that brings us. From what I've seen in the first episode, its jokes are likely going to be repetitive and its dialogue pointless. I hope you have the good sense to remove it from you DVR list, as I plan to do after I submit this review.
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Please Cancel
thegreyagenda26 July 2009
I gave this show a chance seeing as Comedy Central is trying very very hard to get people to watch it. With that being said I would like that thirty minutes of my life back please. The characters come off as tools. There is just not any laugh out loud moment's. It's not just the writing it's Micheal and Michael's unsavory characters. So they have issues, that is not enough to deliver, this is not Seinfeld. As the above poster pointed out this show won't last very long if even through the first season. I can only hope it comes sooner as the commercials for it hurt my brain. Oh and a word to Comedy Central, next time you choose to make a show get comedians not bad commercial actor's. Try Katt Williams, he has talent.
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ChrisMichael8117 July 2009
Even advertising this show during South park will not save this show from it's inevitable cancellation. The show is not funny, the content is not funny, the writing is not funny, and the stars of the show are just annoying. Comedy Central really failed with this one for a few reason's. Totally unoriginal content being portrayed by comedian's who do food commercials is fail. After giving us comedy staples such as South Park, Reno 911, John Stewart, Steven Colbert, and the most recent success of Sarah Silverman they give us this? Give the show two months and gone. Don't waste your time here. If this is Comedy Central's response to "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job" they are way off.
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tealetown11 October 2009
not really funny, even tho i like the mike black guy he is relativity funny in other things, such as reno911 as the cancer patient or in Stella, even tho Stella was dry and boring too and not funny....mike black is almost funny and the other guy is just terrible, i agree the premise for this show is horrible and will most likely be cancelled soon, but if their are idiots who like the crap show"hotbox" or "sarah Silverman" you still wont enjoy this crap.....you will if you have a paper thin personality and are amused very very very easily.., comedy central has hits such as south park, jon dore television show, reno911 dailyshow and colbert.....this misses the mark bad and whoever put the show hotbox together needs to be shot on site, thats show is pitiful and not funny one bit, i love slapstick stupid but clever comedy an this nor sarah sivermal, hotbox or Stella are in the same league as these other shows maybe not even the same spots......a few make us laugh and a few make me cringe this is one of them,,,
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Sadly, not so great.
projecteightysix2 April 2011
I was sad about this series. It only lasted a few episodes and they didn't really dig deep in to how they wanted the show. Them having a studio audience for the 30 second (if that) intro's was pretty pointless, and everything as a whole didn't really seem to go anywhere.

Stella, the group, and the show is genius. David Wain doesn't really add to the group as far as jokes (he did hit me hard with laughter at a few of them though), but he is a damn fine writer/director and knows how to get their style humor on screen. This show, I can't really recommend sadly, it does have a few funny spots but I would really look elsewhere in Stella and their other side projects.
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