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DeForest Kelley...murderer!
MartinHafer27 February 2014
This episode of the Lone Wolf TV series guest stars DeForest Kelley as a really wacky guy...a guy who claims he's murdered someone but won't say who. At the present, he's in a mental institution and his therapist calls in Michael Lanyard to investigate to see if there really was a murder--because if there was, the doctor has an obligation to turn the patient in to the police. So Lanyard talks to the guy (this is a really creepy scene), his ex-girlfriend as well as they guy's mother--all to find out what really has happened.

This is an odd episode. You don't usually see private eye/devil-may-care problem solvers investigating the actions of mental patients! Plus, in real life the therapist would simply call the police and give the case to them. However, it is entertaining and the ending is quite spectacular. Additionally, Kelley was a very good actor and shows it here.
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