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Suspend your disbelief.
Sleepin_Dragon8 January 2020
I looked forward to the return of Silent Witness probably more than any other show. Deadhead Part one was a decent series opener, from the trailers and promo shots I expected something very dramatic, big scale, when in reality it was quite a tame episode.

I found myself wondering if a team of forensic pathologists would have been sent to investigate a crash, I know very little, but it seemed somewhat unlikely.

On the plus side it was a good storyline, Nikki's story was interesting enough, even if they're still insisting on dressing her up as Sam Ryan's grandmother.

It was nice to see Emma Cunniffe back on the show, she last appeared in an episode called Body 21, in which she played a train crash survivor.

It became dark, but took its time to get there. 6/10
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Great return for a very talkative Witness
jaguarjon538 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
There's a lot going on in the first two-parter of this fine series. There's always been a strong character-driven thread running through this; here the characters truly run the show. Some very deep, and for me, personal themes concerning the Death We Dare Not Mention are central to the plot line. How this kind of death affects everyone is explored with proper seriousness. Definitely worth watching for good acting in every direction - watch out for Matt Fraser especially...though his name doesn't appear in the IMDb (pse note).
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Disappointing and unrealistic storyline
mb-330872 February 2020
Writers seem fascinated by aviation but unfortunately rarely get their facts straight. Yes you can have a deadheading crew member but most importantly and for this type of aircraft operating in Europe you need 2 operating pilots. Unfortunately we only had 1 + the deadhead which immediately spoilt it for me and turned me off. How can you miss such a detail?
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