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Shotaro's more mature works.
emasterslake22 November 2008
From the creator of Cyborg 009, comes something more sophisticated. Back in 1967, Shotaro created 009-1 which was published into 6 volumes. Unlike Cyborg 009, this series was made for mature audiences. Back then it was still rare for manga to be made for older viewers. Which made 009-1 and Lupin III to be one of the earliest manga for mature audiences. The manga wasn't made into an anime until 39 years later. And it had great source material to be an anime.

009-1 takes place in an alternate future where the cold war has lasted for a 140 years. As a result of that, the Earth we knew has been divided into 2 factions: The East block and the West block. Agent 009-1 a.k.a. Mylene Hoffman is a cyborg agent for the West Block. Where she follows orders from her superiors. However every decision she makes will effect the outcome of each mission. As it's not an easy life to be a female spy.

This anime was created 8 years after Shotaro's death. And most people would say that he would probably like it as well as the 2001 Cyborg 009. As the stories and character designs are all true to the original content. I never read the manga but I love how the animators and director Naoyuki KONNO(animation director of 2001 Cyborg 009) have worked hard in making this manga come to life. It's almost as if the anime was supervised by Shotaro himself. Which is pretty much what they want people to say when they watch it.

The episodes are partly old school spy movie inspired, but have a good story quality to make it worth watching. The characters are memorable and you'll immediately know it's something Shotaro created.

Overral those who like Cyborg 009 will most likely enjoy this series as well. It's easy to purchase on DVD and should be known by all anime and manga fans alike.
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Fun spy series
Tweekums3 April 2010
I hadn't given any thought to this series till I saw that it was in Funimation's YouTube channel, then I thought I'd give it a go. I'm glad that I did as it was enjoyable. It might not be the most gripping series but the lead character, Miléne Hoffman AKA agent 009-1 is a good character who draws the viewer into her world. Set in a future where the cold war never ended 009-1 is a cyborg agent working for the west; each of the early episodes sees her going on a mission to thwart the dastardly East, towards the end we get a three part story where it is clear that the West's behaviour isn't perfect either. Surprisingly for a short action series there are quite a few touching moments and we see out heroine take actions that will have consequences for ordinary people.

The animation isn't as good as many other series but the style grew on me and the characters had a distinctive look. While there is no real nudity in the series we see 009-1 wearing nothing but a strategically placed sheet. More than once she beds her target, some viewers might think this goes to far but I thought it was no more than we see in a James Bond film; it just has a female protagonist rather than a man... although Bond doesn't have machine-gun breasts. Most of the actors did a good job although the English agent did have a "Cor blimey Mary Poppins" accent which was difficult not to laugh at. Normally I watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles but as that wasn't available I watched the dub and still enjoyed it.
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natashabowiepinky29 June 2014
I'm going to try to watch the first episode from every anime series ever made. Wish me luck.

My first experience is with this spy series featuring a cast of four female agents. Full of fan-service and sub-par Bond shenanigans, it taxed my patience throughout. If barely-there dresses and stiltedly animated combat scenes work for you, then this is essential viewing. On the other hand, if you like a bit of substance to go with your boobs and brawling, look elsewhere.

Will I be watching the next episode? NO.

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