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  • Comedy about two regular guys who discuss their outfits and relationships with equal measures of emotional honesty - gives both sexes a unique perspective on gender differences.


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  • Filmography: In the 1930's and 40's Howard Hawks set the tone for how American males communicate in the cinema: manly-stoic. However, what is acceptable as "male speak" has evolved over the years. In an article for Civilization magazine author Dennis Drabelle explains how far "male speak" has evolved by comparing Hawks' dialogue to that of Whit Stillman. "The Stillman male is no stoic, though-more a gabby patient on a couch." Two Heterosexual Men... shows just how far the bar has been lowered. After all, what is wrong with a little full frontal emotional nudity?

    Two Heterosexual Men... won Best Short at the East Lansing Film Festival.

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