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16 Jan. 2019
If the score of a musical is the soul of the show, the orchestrations are the heart, swelling and circulating emotion throughout your body so you can feel every note, understand every lyric. Orchestrations create the sound of the show and for that we are thankful. Watch as two of the most prominent orchestrators Larry Blank (Holiday Inn, A Christmas Story) and Alex Lacamoire (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen) share their storied careers and their recent work on Broadway and beyond.
13 Mar. 2019
Odd Jobs 2
Custom Shoemaker Gino Bifulco produces shoes for some of the most well-known shows past and present. You are sure to have seen his work. Bruce and Sarah Barish, owners of Ernest Winzer Cleaners have cleaned, organized, and maintained costumes, props, and more for the Broadway stage. The family owned business has supported making cast comfortable and restoring the work of the great designers for over 110 years. It's an Odd Job that's extremely important for every run of a stage show.
31 May 2019
Specialty Props
What do fake dead bodies, a carve-able turkey, and the physical puppet of Donkey in Shrek: the Musical have in common? They are all examples of what makes the world of Specialty Props so fascinating. This very special field in the theatre requires an expertise in fine art, but also one with knowledge of the dramatic structure. These designers have the challenge to both dazzle and inspire audiences, without interrupting the show or movement, a skill that requires collaboration with the creative team of the show. Watch Mary Creede, Zoë Morsette, and John Jerard sculpt, ...
10 Jul. 2019
Expansive Technology
The use of expanding technology such as AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) in theatre today is encouraging and presents wonderful challenges to storytellers throughout the world. Watch as we follow the teams of Krysztof Garbaczewski of Dream Adoption Society and the creative visionaries behind Frankenstein AI at The Columbia University School of the Arts' Digital Storytelling Lab develop, demonstrate, and perform with new technology that enhances the audience experience and shows us all what is possible in the next generation of...
18 Sep. 2019
Documentary Theatre
The concept of documentary theatre is one that is novel and complex, and quite frankly could be defined by a plethora of concepts and storytelling strategy. In this documentary episode of Working in the Theatre, we visit Say Something Bunny, the spectacular production that explores how theatre incorporates and interacts with found materials and real-life characters. What does it mean to represent narrative of real experiences in theatrical performances? Alison Kobayashi (Director, Performer, Researcher, Co-author, Co-producer) and Christopher Allen (Co-author, ...

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