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9 Jul. 2007
Rusty wants to join a very important Fraternity.
16 Jul. 2007
Hazed and Confused
Rusty's first pledge activity with Kappa Tau, a beer pong tournament with Omega Chi, interferes with an important assignment. Casey get back at Sorority Sister Rebecca Logan for sleeping with Evan with disastrous results.
27 Jul. 2007
The Rusty Nail
Rusty must find a date for his first fraternity mixer. Cappie sets him up with a " sure thing" now Rusty must make an important decision about his first time.
30 Jul. 2007
Picking Teams
Rusty works with roommate Dale to find a way into the Fraternity floor-Hockey tournament. Evan worries about Casey allegiance to Omega Chi team. Casey devises a way to help Omega Chi beat Kappa Tau
6 Aug. 2007
Liquid Courage
Rusty must steal a piece of equipment from the university to fix Mount Vesuvius, a homemade volcano, for a traditional Kappa Tau party. Casey questions Evans Loyalty when his father makes him take Rebbecca Logan to a dinner instead of her.
13 Aug. 2007
Friday Night Frights
It's a stormy night, even the Greek students stay in. For the KT's that's no problem, partying being their forte, except that Cappie is in a rare non-dating mood. It gets interesting when a foxy girl turns up and seems obsessed with him, and Rusty fears she may be the escaped mental asylum patient reported on the radio, but next finds out that she knew his big brother. Evan is trapped in the Omega frat house with his closest-pledge and a rodent. Logan senses rival Casey's girlish Zeta bonding 'fun night' is an early electoral ploy, so she sabotages it, playing on the ...
20 Aug. 2007
Multiple Choice
Rusty considers cheating to make it through demanding mid-terms. Cappie secretly gets himself paired with Casey on a project.
27 Aug. 2007
Separation Anxiety
Rusty braves Cappie's warning that 'love is a female ploy' and declares his love to Jen K. Getting a mere 'thank you' he's down enough to be dragged to a strip club. Heath was neglected once too often, so he followed another mate there. Cappie turns out to be a regular and even has his own pole act, but also gets drunk enough to confess his own love story tragedy; Rusty reconsiders. A sorority-Bible Club collaboration to please national HQ leads to Dale chasing Casey out of character.
3 Sep. 2007
Depth Perception
Casey and Frannie both compete for the coveted position of Omega Chi Sweetheart, causing a rift between the girls. Rusty and Jen K. try to find times to be alone together, but working around Dale's schedule is difficult.
10 Sep. 2007
Black & White and Read All Over
An article written by Rusty's girlfriend shakes the whole Greek system especially the Zetas. Rusty must now choose between his first love and his fraternity brothers.
24 Mar. 2008
A New Normal
Upon a return to school the Greeks face a new list of rules. Casey, now president of the Zetas, must deal with the aftermath of the article as well as the visit from a national representative. Rusty is still trying to get over his break-up. The Zetas face ridicule at a school carnival.
31 Mar. 2008
The Great Cappie
To keep Zeta together Casey must work with cappie to plan a prohibition drinking party in the basement while they sponsor a "Great Gatsby" party as cover upstairs.
7 Apr. 2008
Highway to the Discomfort Zone
Cappie tells Casey about him dating Rebecca and he will be her date for the big sister little sister double. Casey finds a great date be he turns out not to be what he appears. Rusty hopes the pledge project will bond him with the other pledges but they have other ideas. Dale offers to make Calvin straight
14 Apr. 2008
War and Peace
Cappie and Evan's rivalry becomes a series of pranks between Kappa Tau and Omega Chi. Rusty's attempt at peacemaking lead to a trouble between him and Calvin
21 Apr. 2008
Freshman Daze
A reinstated Greek ball brings memories of freshman year for Cappie, Casey, and Evan. We learn how Cappie and Evan came from childhood friends to rivals. Casey learns how Frannie stood up for her.
28 Apr. 2008
Move On. Cartwrights
Casey and Evan has trouble normalizing relations between Omega Chi and Zeta Beta. Rebecca has trouble taking care Cappie during his illness like Casey did. Rusty has trouble keeping his new girl interested while Dale wants his new girl to back off.
5 May 2008
47 Hours and 11 Minutes
Parents Weekend brings turmoil to the students of Cyprus Rhodes.
12 May 2008
Mr. Purr-fect
The sisters of the Zeta Beta Zeta house each coach a different fraternity for the annual ZBZ Games, but the real competition is between Rebecca and Casey.
19 May 2008
No Campus for Old Rules
Casey faces backlash when she bends house rules for Ashleigh. Rusty meets a coed bent on dismantling the Greek system and finds himself attracted to her despite their clashing ideals.
26 May 2008
A Tale of Two Parties
When Omega Chi has a party to celebrate Evan's saving them from the new restrictions Cappie decides Kappa Tau must have a competing party but they are broke. Casey makes Rebecca the Sober Sister to keep here from going to Cappie's party instead. Rusty must decide how to break up with Tina when he decides a sex only relationship is not all he wants. Evan makes Calvin keep other guys from Casey. Calvin's new boyfriend seems hesitant.
2 Jun. 2008
Barely Legal
Spring Break has arrived, Cappie gets pledges to create fake Id's, bringing Rusty into some trouble. Casey goes to Evan for help with her LSAT test, and in the process she begins to question her future.
9 Jun. 2008
Spring Broke
While the students enjoy spring break on the beach, Rusty returns to school and reunites with his old friends.

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