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26 Feb. 2010
Shana's hiding something from Wilhelmina and Yuji, so they band together to investigate. While the two stalk Shana around town trying to find out what scheme she's cooking up, Yuji manages to warm up Wilhelmina's ice-cold feelings toward him.
25 Jun. 2010
Overture: Part I
Tracking a tricky Denizen's trail, Shana puts herself in one of its victim's shoes to find out more clues. During her research, she sorts through the teenage girl's recent memories, and shares a touching moment with her mother.
29 Sep. 2010
Overture: Part II
Shana continues to investigate the events of Junko's last days to find the Denizen who devoured her. The fiery warrior backtracks a date with Junko's boyfriend to uncover a suspicious shutterbug--and works to snuff him for good.

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