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Sex & Nudity

  • Most of the mermaids were small bras, showing lots of skin. In the beginning of the movie, Adella, one of Ariel's sisters, is found flirting with a merman. At the end of the movie, Adella kisses a boy. When Ariel wakes up, her sisters tell her they saw her bed empty at 12:00am, and pick her saying she was seeing a boy, especially Ariel says she was "Just helping a friend out past the kelp forest". At the Catfish Club, there are a number of boys asking Aquata to dance with them, and she does not even know them. However she does not dance with any of them. At the Catfish Club a female goldfish opens her tail inside out, looking like a skirt, and impressing the male fish, making them faint.

Violence & Gore

  • No blood is seen, however, there are parts of the movie they are somewhat violent or scary. When Marina lets her Electric Eels out, she laughs with an evil accent, also intending to kill Sebastion. When Sebastion and Marina fight, Marina chases after Sebatstion, and he hits her in the face with seastars, imatating a ninja. Marina falls off a mountain, trying to kill sebastion, when Ariel, risks her own life for him.


  • No foul language is spoken.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No scenes include drugs or alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Ariel's mother death can be intense to some viewers.
  • When the electric eels try to kill ariel and sebastion. Also when Marina darts herself, intentions of killing sebastion/ariel

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