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  • Yes, the film alludes frequently to a grand charter that Robin's father wrote and which many of the barons signed. King John promises to sign the charter in order to win the support of the people against the French, then revokes this after the battle and declares Robin an outlaw. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Unlike Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven (2005), the Director's Cut of Robin Hood is not as extensive but it does add additional screen time to several of the characters, like William Marshall. In conclusion, one can say it deepens some characters and adds new subplots without revolutionizing the story. As mentioned, the Director's Cut does not provide a whole new film. The story is enlarged upon, but not changed. One who—for whatever reason—did not like the theatrical version to begin with, may have no use for the Unrated Director's Cut. Those, however, who have approved of the film in theaters already, should set their sights on the Director's Cut. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Partly. There has been some controversy about the different versions of the movie. Basically there's only the well-known theatrical version and the Unrated Director's Cut, which has been released on DVD and Blu-ray disc. But there are minor differences between the Blu-ray version and some DVD versions of the Director's Cut. For some reasons several scenes of the Blu-ray and the US DVD are missing digital blood splatters. Oddly enough, those scenes exist on the German DVD. This can probably explained due to the fact that the German DVD features the Director's Cut only whereas the US DVD and the Blu-ray disc do feature both versions thanks to seamless branching. Therefore it's most likely a seamless branching mistake that those scenes are not featured on discs that contain both versions of the movie. Edit (Coming Soon)


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