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Great episode!!!
oneprettychild1 August 2007
I love most of the Cold Case shows; they're very well done with the music reflecting the times when the crime was committed. This one really moved me because the Maurice character (Nathan Halliday) was played so well and he was so full of life and so talented with his dancing. It made it all that much sadder because he looked so innocent and like he had so much to look forward to in his life. It really got to me and I think it was the best episode I've seen yet. I liked the music, too. The Maurice character's dancing was just so full of energy, it was riveting. A lot of the episodes are like little movies and this one deserves an Oscar. I think it was because of the Maurice character's vulnerability that it got to me. He's an excellent dancer and actor. I enjoyed this very much. Keep up the good work!!
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Dancing with my mother
jotix10028 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Maurice Hall knows he was born to dance. He got it from his mother, who taught him a lot when he was a boy. Having lost his mother at an early age, Maurice has no choice but to help his father Pat, in the family store where he works with his older brother, Grant, in addition to his studies. The father seems to favor Grant, who is trying for a wrestling team, where he might have a chance to go far. Maurice, on the other hand, seems to be fighting the image he projects that he is a latent homosexual.

Grant catches sight of Maurice one day outside a dancing school where he is seen following the routine the people inside are practicing. Grant comes on strongly to his brother, punching him in the face. At this time a young black woman, Crystal comes to his aid, proclaiming she is Maurice's girlfriend. The siblings have one last confrontation inside the store where Grant surprises his younger brother who has been practicing with Crystal. In the scuffle, Grant's knee is damaged after the incident. Maurice, disappears right after the fight. He goes missing for quite some time.

Years later, the cold case team becomes involved when the remains of a young man are found. It becomes apparent the body is that of Maurice who went missing years ago. The investigation of his disappearance and death occupy the detectives of that division. When all the factors are put together, a surprise comes out because the perpetrator is someone no one would think about.

Nathan Halliday makes a sensitive Maurice, a young man that suffers a great injustice in his life. Don Swayze plays the older Grant. Chris Mulkey is seen as Pat, the widowed father of the two boys at the center of the story. Vanessa Williams plays the older Crystal. As usual, the team of regulars do their best. Kathryn Morris does an outstanding job as the sensitive and understanding Lilly Rush looks into a murder committed so long ago.

Mark Pellington directed this intense episode. Liz Garcia's screenplay is involving and does justice to the show.
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very VERY Good
g_rudge29 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this episode on sky one and although it is a slight Billy Elliott rip off (being the same scenario - a teenage boy from a rough background wanting to become a dancer) and being the same year that Billy Elliott is set - 1984, nevertheless, i was captivated by this episode from the very start.

I have to say i can relate to the character of Maurice, having been from a family of sports stars and wanting to do something different like dancing (although me its acting) and i thought Nathan Halliday, although a dancer, was fantastic in each acting scene.

Also i thought the idea of having a suspect in detective Jeffries wifes hit and run was brilliant too, writing in a new chapter for him and his character, meaning i was engaged to the TV screen. Despite it being a Billy Elliott rip off, i still thought it was good, and the final scene with Foreigner's - 'I wanna know what love is' really gave me a lump in my throat. Brilliant
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