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  • George is in critical condition. Haji helps Saya find Kai, who's tracking down the second monster with the intent to kill it himself.


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  • Having been badly beaten by Forrest, George is rushed to the nearest hospital. Saya is distraught because of her inability to help him. Dr Julia Silverstein, also a member of the Red Shield, is concerned that Forrest's attack may have infected George. She points out to David the fact that Saya was able to fight the Chiropterran at her school but did nothing against Forrest. David thinks it may have been because Saya's "servant" was present the first time.

    Equally as distraught with his inability to help his father, Kai has taken George's gun and gone after Forrest, and Saya and Riku have gone looking for Kai. Kai's friends tell them that he may have gone to the Amazoness Bar looking for Forrest's girlfriend, Reimi, but Kai has already left by the time they get there. However, they do run into Kai's ex-girlfriend Mao Jahana, who tells them that Kai called her and asked for her help looking for Forrest. Mao calls her dad and tells him that she's going to assist Saya and Riku in their search for Reimi, then the three of them get into Mao's limo.

    Meanwhile, Kai has been tailing Reimi on his cycle. She hailed a cab and was dropped off near a large warehouse. Kai follows her inside and finds Forrest crouched in a corner drinking blood from Reimi's neck. When Forrest sees Kai, he stands up, revealing that he has almost completely turned Chiropterran. Saya suddenly has a feeling that Kai is in trouble and makes Mao stop the car. Saya jumps out and runs down the block, Riku following behind. David sees them and follows Riku. Saya comes to a narrow alleyway, and she is suddenly confronted by the stranger. This time he introduces himself as Haji and asks Saya to give him an order. Saya asks for his help rescuing Kai. Wordlessly, Haji takes the cover from his deformed hand, cuts himself, and offers it to Saya.

    Riku catches up with Saya just in time to see her drink the blood from Haji's hand. Haji then picks up Saya and they leap over the buildings until they come to the warehouse where the Forrest creature is about to attack Kai, whose gun is out of bullets. Haji keeps Forrest busy while Saya coats a sword with her blood. She then kills the Chiropterran with one swing of her sword, afterwhich she falls to her knees and starts to cry. When Riku and David catch up to them, David asks Haji whether Saya has fully awakened. He replies, "Not yet." David then calls Julia, who tells him that the U.S. military has kidnapped George from the hospital.

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