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  • Reid has been kidnapped, and the BAU's only things to profile are a house, a computer, and the live feed the kidnapper is sending to them.

  • Serial killer Tobias Hankle, a religious fanatic, keeps kidnapped Dr. Spencer Reid in a wood cabin, and forces the brilliant, terrified kid to 'confess' by belting his head and bare foot, then injects his own addictive drug; in trance Spencer thinks back to his own dysfunctional mother when he was a minor, till he could get her committed. The team learns Tobias was systematically abused by his Bible-obsessed father Charles, killed the fiend but developed a split personality, including his father's abusive one as Raphael, an angel of violent 'divine' vengeance. Tobias arranges a web-cam to the team showing Reid in his power, ordered to pick the next victim from his six profiling colleagues in order to be allowed saving another, but refusing to take the psycho's word. When he chooses Hotch next time, misquoting from Genesis for an absurd reason, Aaron himself cracks that clue...

  • Gone to interview Tobias Hankel regarding the murder of Dennis and Lacey Kyle in rural Georgia, Reid and J.J. realize that he is Raphael, the sole unsub in the case. A self-taught computer techie, Hankel is channeling both Charles Hankel, his deceased father who was an abusive religious fanatic and who was the second voice on the 911 calls, and Raphael the arc angel who is acting as the objective mediator between Hankel Jr. and Sr. In Hankel's barn, J.J. is traumatized by almost being killed by Hankel's rabid dogs who previously ravaged Helen Douglas to death while she was tied up alive. Reid however is not as lucky. Hankel has abducted Reid and fled, for which J.J. feels responsible. Knowing that Hankel kills those who have sinned, the BAU know that Reid's chances of survival are predicated on his ability to convince Hankel that he has not sinned. Meanwhile, Reid is in a moral quandary over things that "Charles" has asked him to do. Reid is also under the influence of narcotics, and dreams about his own childhood while under. During his lucid moments, Reid believes his best chance of survival is to negotiate with "Tobias", the scared and sympathetic one of the three.

  • While going to interview a witness, Tobias Hankle, JJ and Reid discover that Tobias, a multi personality serial killer is the unsub. Tobias has a split personality between himself, his abusive father, and the serial killer angel Rafiel. JJ is attacked by Hankle's visicious dogs, but shoots them. Reid however goes around back and gets kidnapped by hankle. Reid is tortured, drugged and even killed (then gets revived). Reid is found later after killing Hankle.


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