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James Franco Is The Real Thing
littlemartinarocena24 September 2008
I laughed more in this movie than in any other of its ilk. Mostly thanks to James Franco. Yes, the James Dean Franco. His comedic timing is startling and his sympathy is all consuming. I think the secret is that we can (Franco allows us) see the human being behind this irresistible caricature. I was totally taken by the strange kind of innocence he exudes. We sense a loyal buddy who is capable of extraordinary generosity. His smile is already an iconic movie landmark. Seth Rogen is also very funny but you can guess that this is actually his character. Nothing wrong with that but James Franco's range is infinite. David Gordon Green makes his "commercial debut" very successfully. The showdown at the end takes a bit too long but all in all this movie is throughly worth it.
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Older Viewer
beepboopbeep7 August 2008
I was not interested in seeing this movie as I thought it would be a stupid teen story. My daughter went with her older cousins, she is only 16 and since the theater had strict security I was forced to go in as her guardian. I am 46 years old and I laughed the whole entire movie. By the end I was laughing SO hard that I could not take it anymore. I think I laughed more than the kids. There were so many laugh out loud scenes and the interaction between the characters was pure gold.It really took me back to my younger days-so for you older people this is really one movie you do not want to miss. Be sure to go to the bathroom before because this is definitely one of those pee in your pants movies.
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Vibrant, hilarious mesh of genres, and a different sort of film for David Gordon Green
ametaphysicalshark6 August 2008
There will be many who will dismiss "Pineapple Express" as immature, overly silly, disjointed, and scatter-shot. There will be others who recognize it as a bizarrely artful, playful, loose genre-bending comedy with some outstanding performances, an inspired comedy script, and some great work from director David Gordon Green, certainly one of the finest young directors around.

The latter group is correct. "Pineapple Express" is, as a whole, the best movie the Apatow clan has produced yet. David Gordon Green is unquestionably the best director to direct one of these movies, but this is also a very different sort of movie than the films he usually directs. Does he rise to the challenge? He certainly does. I never would have believed that he was capable of directing such exciting and fun action scenes, or keep the movie's tone steady despite the different elements it consists of being so wildly disparate, but somehow he pulls it off. No other stoner movie can claim to be as artful and well-directed as this film.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's much-anticipated follow-up to "Superbad" is an excellent screenplay, but expect none of the realism and resonance of that film; "Pineapple Express" is all about the laughs, and the laughs are certainly here, and they are practically non-stop, with just about every scene featuring some great dialogue, acting, or the sort of incredible sight gag this movie does so well. This is just great comedy throughout.

In addition to David Gordon Green's excellent work as director, the film is technically superb. The soundtrack and use of music is brilliant, and frequent Gordon Green collaborator Tim Orr's cinematography is consistently great.

"Pineapple Express" will be an inherently divisive film. It didn't get the sort of critical accolades many previous Apatow clan movies did, and I expect audiences will also be a little less unanimous. Indeed, there's little of the critic-pleasing dramatic scenes Apatow's comedies have been praised for, and even when they do pop up they're usually deflated instantly with a joke, and credit has to go to director David Gordon Green for his expert handling of the film's tone, which never becomes schmaltzy, thank the heavens. Really, the whole film is throughly enjoyable except for the very last scene in the film, which contains one of the film's best jokes, but is really hard to buy given the state the characters are in, and also more than a little forced. Aside from that moment the whole thing works beautifully, quite astounding given the mesh of many different genres and sorts of comedy that this is. You either go with this movies sense of humor or you don't, and I imagine more people will enjoy the first three quarters of the movie, before the big, long action scene happens, and lots and lots of violence occurs. I guess you have to have a somewhat morbid sense of humor to laugh at ALL of the jokes in the film, but so what? There are also some nice little tongue-in-cheek references to the film's influences ("they messed with the wrong melon farmers").

The cast really give it their all. It was great to see James Franco back in a comedic role, and his performance steals the show. Rogen is good as usual, Gary Cole is a perfect villain, and it's nice to see the gorgeous and talented Amber Heard finally make a quality film (and get one of the film's funniest scenes as her character's final scene). The supporting cast are also all good in their roles.

There are a lot of reasons why "Pineapple Express" won't work for many people, and they will probably end up being the very reasons the film works for those who like it. The film's plot is inherently silly to an extent (although this is nowhere near the "Anchorman" style of comedy), and one must be prepared for an outright comedy and not something in the vein of "Knocked Up". "Pineapple Express" may end up being more enjoyable for stoners and those with friends who are stoners, but it works on its own as great comedy because the humor has much more range and scope than just marijuana. One of the best comedies in years.

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Derails in the second half
pauljraab2 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This started out as funny & clever and completely fell apart in the second half of the movie. For the first half, I'd give it close to an 8 and for the second a zero, so we'll average out at a solid 4. The second half ceased to be funny or clever and turned into one long, idiotic cliché. Honestly, it really felt like we lost our original set of writers & directors after an hour and they had to find a replacement set from some cheesy action movie. It totally came off the tracks when our light-hearted stoners picked up machine guns along with the rest of the thugs. Did the writers quit smoking weed and start doing meth or something? How could this have started so good and ended up such crap? I don't think I could be more disappointed after all the hype this movie has received.
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Definitely my favorite Apatow-brand product, and one of the funniest of the year. A comedy with real heart
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises6 August 2008
It's been a year since the glorious Superbad hit theaters, and here we go again: Pineapple Express is the best comedy of the year, at least in this man's opinion. I haven't laughed this hard in a very long time, nor have I enjoyed myself more while doing so. It's got everything! Fire, weed, guns, car chases, explosions, a beautiful lady, Ed Begley Jr., and of course, blood and guts. Yes, I'm reviewing Pineapple Express, and not some twisted horror movie.

What makes this movie so great and accessible (to the viewer that is allowed to see it, mind you) is that it's got something for every kind of comedy fan: ridiculous action gags, the witty and snappy Apatow-brand dialog, funny cops, hilarious pot jokes, and James Franco playing the most lovable stoner of all time. What I really enjoyed most about this movie is that it has real heart and is not afraid to make the audience know it. It's a great buddy movie to see with all your friends. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, you'll love Pineapple Express.

James Franco (yes, THAT James Franco), taking a break from the latest intense drama or Spider-Man film, delivers the funniest performance since Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat. His Saul is quite the character, and many people in my audience were hopelessly in love with and rooting for him. Though he's a supporting role, the movie belongs to Franco in every way. His honest, sweet, and hilariously charming performance will have you dying of laughter. Seth Rogen is no slouch on the jokes as well, though his character is somewhat similar to his character in Knocked Up (I really hope he doesn't begin replicating his performances like some other comedians do). Danny McBride of The Heartbreak Kid is a scene stealer as well. I found him absolutely hilarious and great even if his character was a total ass. Gary Cole (who has become like, a cult favorite of mine) is nothing but a bonus as the "villain".

I think a lot of credit needs to be given to director David Gordon Green, who had to have noticed how excellent the first act of the film is, because the film was in serious danger of pulling a "Hancock" and falling flat on its face after the first act because of a somewhat serious second act (I say somewhat, because this is when our characters realize the danger they're in). However, instead of that happening, Green turns the action packed third act into one of the most ridiculously hilarious scenes of recent memory. Of course, what happens is absurd, but because you've had the time of your life up to that point, you really don't care. Featuring one of the greatest lines of all time (in slow motion, uttered by Franco of course), Pineapple has one of the strongest third acts of any comedy out there.

Another very strong thing about this movie is that it never drags, and is almost a complete opposite of Superbad. The style of the jokes is different as well. In Superbad, we had the hard hitting, gut wrenching laughs, and in Pineapple Express, we have a steady flow of crack ups that leave the viewer in stitches and hurting by the end of the movie. It really is an experience to behold. It's one of the funniest movies of the decade, and one of the best theater experiences of this year. My theater clapped several times throughout the film, including at the end (and at the iconic slow motion line).
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Probably one of the 5 worst movies I've ever seen.
kenkoller20 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously, who thinks anything in this movie is funny? "Your car committed suicide" was the only line to illicit even a chuckle out of me. The rest is just people running around like morons and yelling a lot. This is what the American Comedy genre has de-evovled to? I just don't get it.

And like someone else mentioned, so much of the story is just ludicrious. So, a guy bleeding to death, another in his underwear and his ear shot off, sitting in a diner eating breakfast, and no one notices or cares? And folks, Daylight savings always happens on a weekend, not a Tuesday. That's all I needed to pretty much check out right there.

Go watch paint dry instead.
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Not what you think
Greasemonkey2019 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I really didn't expect much from this film,and I got less than expected.The film starts out a with a few used moments from Super Bad, maybe from the cutting room floor, then it turns into this bad pot action movie with all the crude humor you can squeeze in. The plot seemed basic and then it became too eccentric. You have a process server who witnesses a murder done by the guy he needs to serve papers to played by Gary Cole, who is wasted by little screen time and bad writing, and by a dirty cop played by Rosie Perez, who is always in uniform, which is kind of dumb that even at the final shoot out, she shows up in uniform. James Franco completely ripped off his character from Brad Pitt's portrayal as a pothead in True Romance, which he stole the scene in the three he was in. We then are introduced to James Franco's supplier "RED" who is trying to be like Nick Swardson and doing a bad job at it. The scene with him is long, out played and just goes in every direction except moving the movie forward. Finally Seth Rogen who seems to have phoned in his performance or just played the same guy from Knocked up and Super Bad just gives a performance that irritates you with the best friend lines. Now the movie made me chuckle a few times but the long dragged out scenes and then switching to a fast paced action movie not only confused me, but made me bored. So I give this movie 1 star out of 10 for a few quick funny moments.
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I'd rather watch Beavis & Butthead!
Turfseer28 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Seth Rogen is the type of actor who simply plays himself. In "Knocked Up", there was a positive arc to the story where he plays a loser who must take on adult responsibilities and eventually grow up. In "Pineapple Express", he remains a loser and we can never believe in his journey since he's pitted against a bunch of unlikeable, unsavory comic book characters.

Rogen plays Dale Denton, a process server, who witnesses a murder by a drug dealer and then must elude the drug dealer's hired killers who are out to get him. His buddy marijuana dealer, Saul Silver, joins him as they elude the hit men. Right away you see how dumb the movie is when Denton is able to witness a murder which occurs inside a house in full view of anyone walking on the street. Another ridiculous moment occurs when Saul's marijuana supplier is shot point blank in the stomach but manages to survive and then is strong enough to drive Denton to the drug dealer's lair.

Of course those who wrote the movie undoubtedly will argue that the situations are supposed to be over the top and that's the humor of it. But there comes a point where there are so many scenes that are so ridiculous that one simply doesn't care about the characters anymore. Rogen and Franco do their Beavis and Butthead impersonations but their humor has no subtlety and relies mainly on slapstick to get by. There's a romantic subplot involving Denton's relationship with a girl who's a high school student but that fizzles completely especially at the end when the screenwriters forgot to tell us what happened between the two.

While this is supposed to be a somewhat good-natured farce about two guys who share a mutual love for marijuana, there's a lot of unnecessary violence with drug dealers killing one another during the finale. The ending undercuts the more good-natured scenes between the film's two protagonists.

If you check out the IMDb graph as to the age groups who liked this film, you will see that the older you are, you are less likely to like it. I feel certain that within five years, Seth Rogen will be a forgotten name within the movie industry unless he stops writing and acting in films such as this.
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Made me Inhale my popcorn!
braindead-and-happy8 August 2008
Yep, this movie made me laugh so hard at one stage I inhaled a piece of popcorn.

This movie is excellent, It has so many funny moments you'll be laughing through the whole thing. I'd even go as far as to say that it's funnier than superbad.

James Franco gives a spectacular performance as a lazy stoner, at times I believed he was actually under the influence...hmmm.

Seth Rogen once again proves he can put on as good a comedic performance as the veteran comics such as Jim Carrey and Will Farrel, His career will definitely go a long way.

The supporting cast was great and made me laugh a lot which is good since usually you'd be relying on the main actors for a laugh.

I'd recommend this movie mainly for Young adults and teens but if your looking for a silly movie good for a lot of laughs, this is it. 10/10
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Why in the world?
Ryanb74722 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Bummer, The one great word to describe this movie. I Really expected this movie to be a lot better. It was a major disappointment. The movie was way too long, it had a lot of failed comedy in it, and it really over exaggerated Pot smokers. Ill admit some stuff was funny in it but it was definitely a let down. Im not quite sure how this movie managed to make it into theaters, and also I do not get why James Franco would even agree to such a stupid movie and part. If I could I would love to get my $7USD back and go see the dark knight again. At least that movie wasn't a let down like this one. My overall rating for this film is a 4/10
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An unfortunate reflection of our culture.
RagingSunset17 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Having gone to the midnight showing with a friend, I was as excited as the rest of the country in witnessing what should have been the greatest comedy of the year to every young adult in the audience. Suffice it to say I was very disappointed. The movie turned out to be one big running "Bro" gag after another.

That being said, let's evaluate the plot of the movie. The basic idea of the film is based around a pothead Dale Denton ( Seth Rogen ) who serves court orders and his dealer Saul Silver ( James Franco). Denton, while finding one of his court orders targets Ted Jones ( Gary Cole ) witnesses the shooting of an Asian drug dealer at Jones's very residence! Panicking, he backs into a corrupt cop's car, into another car and then speeds off in a very amusing scene. From this point on, Denton and the man whose home he returns to, Silver, are forced to go on the run from an insanely persistent drug lord and his thugs who want nothing more than to kill Dale Denton for witnessing the crime. NONE of that is bad whatsoever. It is a simplistic plot that fits a frame perfectly for an action/comedy flick.

It is unfortunate that one of the main reasons I mark this film down is for Seth Rogan's performance. Granted, he has always been a popular actor for "Bro" crowds, but this is a new low. NONE of his material was amusing. His character was virtually the same as his character in Knocked Up, with the only difference being that he stays in his life of pot smoking in the conclusion of this film whereas in Knocked Up he changes his lifestyle. Most of the jokes that Dale Denton is privy too are idiotic even for an Apatow film. His slapstick and mannerisms did more to degrade this film's quality than even the sad fact that this movie will probably convince the American public that marijuana is the way to go in life. And no, I am not anti-weed.

As for how the plot is actually carried out, here is another mark down. It progresses in a linear fashion ( trying to find the man responsible for ratting them out to Ted Jones ) and then suddenly flops into a barrage of stupid scenes involving Denton's underage girlfriend and her absurd father. To make matters worse, the comedy that is used throughout the majority of the film to progress the story is as stale as Seth Rogan's performance.

All of that out in the open, I should mention I have NEVER been a fan of James Franco. I will not deny, he was Phenomenal in this film. Every poor line from Seth Rogan and Danny McBride ( actor who played Red ) was redeemed by his performance as Saul Silver. His character, his portrayal and the comedy that ensues was a riot. Most of his lines made me want to wet myself laughing. If any award should be given out for lead actor, it should be given to James Franco.

Gary Cole gave a great performance as a whack bad guy in this film as well, and I would be lying if I said he in any way took away from this film. It is unfortunate that his talents, as well as the talents of James Franco, had to be wasted on this production.

The third character meant to be a protagonist in a certain sense is Red (Danny Mcbride). Unfortunately, I would argue that his character was as worthless as Denton. Every line from his mouth was one bad comedy cliché' after another that we've all heard over and over again from different films. The pathetic white wanna be thug acting like his life is greater than it is can be seen in films like Waiting ( Andy Milonakes ). Granted, it was amusing when Red in all rights should have died early in the movie and kept returning, but eventually you have to wonder why he's allowed to keep living.

What the film lacked in value to the comedy world it also failed to make up for in substance. There was no great lesson or revelation that the viewer was to experience at the end of the film as in more contemporary modern films, nor was there a moment when the protagonist learned his mistakes and made up for them in years to come (Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, Waiting). Perhaps the filmmakers were trying to be different in this regard, but unfortunately it did not redeem the movie. I had heard Olivia Thirlby ( Juno, The Whackness) was to be in the film.. maybe the extras on the DVD will have her and perhaps offer more substance into the film, who knows.

This was a long critique and for that I apologize. If you must walk away with anything from this review, then let it be this: If you want to see James Franco give a memorable performance, this film is for you. But I caution that his acting aside, this is one of those films that makes me weep for how idiotic and simplistic our culture is becoming-- that, and every "Bro" in your town will be there, so be ready for that hell when you get there.

5/10 ONLY for James Franco and Gary Cole.
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Major Ass Wipe
rock_rishab29 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well Some of my closest pals told me to watch this movie, they said that it was good and they have seen it, and recommend it to me. I know this guys so well, so I saw this movie. And I have to tell you, always listening to closest friends can be such a PAIN.

This movie constantly reminded me that, how bored one can get. Seth Rogen is bad, and I mean really bad. Even in "Knocked up" the only good thing was Catherine Heigal. Seth has no comic timing, he's not funny and no being fat and goofy doesn't give you an instant ticket to Laughsville, but surely gets you a "Kick my ass" poster, right on your butt in High School.

The only reason why I kept watching this was because I wanted to see more of "Amber Heard" (not cuz she did a great job or something, only cuz she was looking cute), and she had only 3-4 small scenes.

That sucks.

James Franco I had some hope from him, and he was still believable as a weed seller, who is almost drowning in his own weed, all day long. The only thing that could have saved the movie would have been a really good ending.

Surprise surprise none here. Even the ending disappointed me. It was like the crew was torn between making a comedy and an epic. Most scenes were out of place and put on. It did have a few laughs, like the leg through the wind-shield, during car chase.

And every time Danny R. McBride kept on living, like an irritating little pimple which keeps on sprouting back up, every time you pop it.

Danny R. McBride as Red.... humm he was looking more like "Tom Hanks" on a very very very very bad hair day. So as I was saying, I've lost all my trust in those friends of mine, I'll think twice before doing something they say....

Hope this will save someone from 01 hour 52 mins of boredom.....

I would have given a '1' to this movie, but the '2' is just for Amber
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Complete waste of time & money
mbgawron-119 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, was I disappointed in this movie! It missed on so many points that I really can't think of anything that was good about it. Maybe I'm just getting tired of Seth Rogen- his acting skills are very limited, usually him yelling and getting frantic- and that is supposed to make us laugh, I guess.

Actually, thinking back to it, the co-star pot dealer was good, I liked his efforts.

The misses now- where to begin? Movies can suspend reality to advance plot if they want, but that has to be known upfront- then you can accept the shootings that don't kill people, or the fact that the hottest girl in high school is in love with a much older pothead loser, and similar implausibilities. Hit men that can't catch, let alone kill, these guys?

Wasn't this billed as being funny? What was funny? Yelling and getting manic only works if used sparingly, but the entire movie was Seth flipping out and screaming, and other people doing the same thing. Lots of people running into trees or walls and lots of people getting hurt but not getting hurt- enough already, I need more to laugh.

It isn't worth the effort to think of anything more to say- but this was a piece of trash, not funny, and I would be embarrassed to be director of something this bad.
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rebecca_t-220 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I went to watch this film with my friend after seeing it had got a good review, and yes it made us laugh but not because it was funny because it was pointless and made no sense whatsoever. i mean most of the film there either taking drugs or involved in a car chase. then at the end when the barn blows up and because he jumped in what i think was a laundry basket he doesn't die?? then after the building does explode and is still on fire red crawls out alive?? not to mention the fact he was shot twice in his stomach at the start of the film, then 5 times at the end why doesn't he just bleed to death?? then he survives an explosion what is he the bionic man?? i actually considered walking out of the cinema, no wonder there was only 4 of us watching it in the whole cinema. the thing that made me laugh the most though were death scenes, but only because they were so un real and the acting for them was incredibly bad. Who thought this was entertaining?? Then at the end they still aren't at the hospital, i just wished that they had all died as the were insanely annoying, and being shot didn't seem to kill them. This film made me want to fall asleep with its unreal story line, i mean what happens to his girl friend at the end she just seemed to have been cut out of the rest of the film. Then at the start when he sees the murder if he'd have just sat there he wouldn't have been noticed. But no he had to crash in to two cars really loudly so that he could be found out. Then the whole thing with him getting found out because of his drugs?? I'm surprised he even threw it out if he was such an addict he would have kept it. Worst film i have ever seen. A waste of seven pounds!
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I Wanted So Much to Enjoy This Movie...
Glen-O9 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I screwed up by going into "Pineapple Express" with such high expectations. I mean, last week I saw "Step Brothers". The trailer was funny enough, but I didn't know if the one-note joke of seeing Will Farrell and John C. Reilly stuck in "failure to launch" mode would hold up for a whole movie. Still I wanted to see it, so I went in with low expectations. I laughed out loud through parts of the movie but never really felt fully entertained. By the end of the movie the few moments I had laughed at weren't nearly enough to make the film feel like a satisfying comedic whole. I was disappointed, but not too worried because I knew "Pineapple Express" was only a few days away. Surely it would be the laugh-out-loud comedy of the year. I was mistaken.

I've seen a ton of movies this year and few have really stood out. "Indiana Jones" was okay, "Hancock" was a pleasant surprise, and "Iron-Man" was ten times better than it had any right to be thanks to Robert Downey Jr.'s performance. "The Dark Knight" was hands down the best movie so far this year, surpassing even my highest expectations. But what has been missing this year is a standout comedy. I thoroughly enjoyed "Juno", but it was light and sweet. Where is this year's "Superbad" (absolutely one of my favorite comedies of the past 10 years)? "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is probably way funnier than I thought it was, but I had been through a break-up the day I saw it and went into it looking for relief. I chuckled, but was never able to really get into it.

So today I went into "Pineapple Express" ready to be entertained. Unfortunately the movie fell flat on almost every level. I knew something was amiss when I checked my watch thinking an hour or so had passed, only to find out that the movie had only been running for 35 minutes. Surely the pace will pick up, I thought, but the movie just droned on until the end credits. Nothing overly hilarious or exciting happens in the movie. There are jokes and a few funny bits, but sadly I laughed more during the first 20 minutes of "Step Brothers" than I did during the entire runtime of "Pineapple Express". There are explosions and a car chase, but they offer about as much punch and tension as you might get watching a group of 5 year olds in a cap-gun fight. Probably even less.

It's hard to say exactly where the movie went wrong. At times I thought maybe it was the slow pace, but there was much more going wrong than bad editing. Gary Cole and Rosie Perez were beyond uninteresting or even threatening as the film's villains. They seem much more interested in drinking beer and eating fried chicken than catching the film's protagonists. At no point do you ever feel that Seth Rogen (great as always, but even he couldn't save this picture) and James Franco are truly in any real danger. Franco's performance is a real treat, but after 15 minutes you wish it was being utilized in a better movie. His chemistry with Rogen is electric, but this simply isn't the buddy film it could have been. And then there is the carnage. That's right. One character is beaten to a bloody pulp and even shot twice (maybe even more times before the movie ends) but somehow manages to live through to the end of the movie. This could have been hilarious, but it loses it's humor entirely when death and injury seem so real throughout the rest of the movie. Imagine seeing a battered, bruised and bandaged Wiley Coyote walking amongst the corpses of the D-Day invasion scene from "Saving Private Ryan" and you get an idea of what I mean. Seeing the all too realistically damaged dead bodies of a man smashed by a car and another killed by an explosion are shocking and completely unnerving since this movie is supposed to be funny. Dead bodies can be funny (look at "Weekend at Bernie's" or even the morbidly humorous morgue van scene in "Bad Boy's II"), but not when they look like the sort of thing you would see at

To some degree I think "Superbad" has ruined the comedy genre for me. I knew going into it that it was going to be funny, but nothing could have prepared me for just how outrageously funny it ended up being. I honestly don't think there is a false note in that movie. Then you have "Pineapple Express". This should have been a great comedy, but even the greatest musicians can't make beautiful music with instruments that are atrociously out of tune. So what was my favorite part of the movie? Probably the last 30 minutes. Why? Certainly not because of what was going on on screen. The girl I went with (ironically the same girl I went through a break-up with the day I saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall") snuck in a gigantic bag of Reese's Pieces. Apparently just as bored and let down by the movie as I was she tossed one of them at me to amuse herself. I tossed a couple back, and before you knew it we were having a full blown Reese's Pieces battle right there in the middle of the cinema. And the fact that no one in the audience told us to settle down or shut up tells you just how into the movie they were.

"Pineapple Express" was a disappointment and an easily forgettable movie, but the experience of going to see it will always be a fond one thanks to a gigantic bag of Reese's Pieces.
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Pineapple smokes all other stoner films
somf18 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since Cheech and Chong appeared in "Up In Smoke" the stoner film has become a staple of American Cinema. I have enjoyed them since day one. Last night, I was privileged to see an advance screening of Apatow's funniest film to date by far, and I really enjoyed all his other films. The audience and I were laughing so hard that I need to see it again to pick up on the jokes that I missed. It has been a long time since I have seen a stoner film stoned, but I may have to make an exception the second time around.

I believe that when Apatow, Rogen, and Goldberg decided to write Pineapple Express they wanted to create the Lawrence of Arabia of stoner flicks,and they succeeded. Pineapple Express is the stoner film that has reset the bar for stoner films, just like The Dark Knight has reset the bar for comic book films.

James Franco's Saul Silver who just deals drugs to pay for his Boobie's nursing home (He plans to become a civil engineer and be able to build toilets for kids in public parks.) is the greatest stoner character of all time. He has dethroned Sean Penn's Spicoli character after over 25 years of holding the honor of Celluloid stoner king.

I don't want to ruin any of the jokes for you, but I am pretty sure every teen and college male in America will be quoting dozens of lines from the film within weeks and spoiling it for the main intended demographic, so I say go opening weekend before your buddy who saw it the day before starts spouting some of the films best lines.

I had one minor quibble with the story in that at one point Saul sells pot to some pretty young kids and there is a funny bit built around that, but I wish they had at least chosen seniors in high school or something for that scene. I believe pot is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and of course all other illegal drugs, but that was just a bit too young for me.

Anyway minor quibbles aside, Pineapple Express is one of the funniest comedies ever made, and undisputed king of the stoner flicks.
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Does everyone here at IMDb smoke pot?
mothermoo6625 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Jesus! An average score above 7? I admit there were some funny moments in this movie, like the car chase with one foot sticking out of the front window, but most of the movie was a mix of bad actors, a movie script that my 11 year old nephew could have done better and some SFX:s that were outdated when they released the first Flash Gordon TV-series.

In Sweden we have released a list of the 20:th century most hated men including Hitler, Stalin and Staffan Westerberg, but I must now include the director of this movie, David Gordon Green in the top 5. And if Mr Bush would have seen this movie the Axis of Evil would include Apatow Productions.

Finally to end my review I would like to quote the end-line of the movie: "Either I'm ready to die, or I'm gona take a massive sh*t".
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Who allowed this to offend our screens?
jwpicton15 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this based on the 7 or so out of 10 it seemed to be getting.... 2 wasted hours later I'm confused as to how this actually came to be released. It smacks of equally stoned and spaced out individuals making it up as they went along.

Besides a virtually non-existent plot, poor character development and a film that's entirely based around an over-rated drug, what I found most disturbing was the callous and gratuitous portrayal of violence. People were shown killing and seriously wounding each other within the atmosphere of a pillow fight. Violence in film these days is commonplace and we have to live with it one way or another (or not if you don't want to watch 90% of films). But violence in most films makes me go ouch, that's got to hurt, or even go off into imagining how people can endure such pain - case in point: the new bond film - strapped down on chair scene, now that was realistic. One could almost feel it. Now juxtapose that with just about any scene of violence in Pineapple express - are you getting the idea?

Anyone who has seen P-EX and fails to understand what I'm on about must be so dumbed down as to be in an advanced state of general human amnesia.

Let's keep it real, we can have fun and enjoy a good flick, but be aware of money grabbers like P-EX - because that's all they are.
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First 15 minutes were good but then the plot kicks-in
stanggt200024 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Dumb Movie!!!! It's like the Three Stooges meets Reservoir Dogs...and that's not a compliment. A sad attempt at physical comedy. What has "guy humor" become these days? I remember when Austin Powers and Ace Ventura were the standard guy movies. This garbage they put out nowadays is insulting to guys everywhere. Stupid! Idiotic! Moronic! Sophomoric! I like Rogan and I like Franko. For the life of me, I can't fathom why they would have read the script and signed-on to do this movie. Especially Franko because he did nice work in the Spiderman movies. Rogan generally does silly movies but he can make it work with the right cast around him.
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THIS MOVIE IS A DISGRACE! Don't believe the IMDb rating. You have to be stoned to enjoy this.
maestro7PL8 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I left the theater feeling unclean and also ripped off for paying to see this drivel. 1) It is not funny--there was only sporadic laughter in the packed audience, in contrast to Judd Apatow's much better films. 2) It has a disgusting message--that it is great to be stoned all the time. Despite Seth Rogen's character saying midway through the film that it is a waste to be stoned every day, the final scene in the diner totally contradicts this earlier scene as the three friends are happily stoned again, and loving it! 3) People who get shot up multiple times do not die. Several of the main characters get shot up repeatedly, yet they remain healthy and alive and do not seek out medical assistance. In contrast, the "bad" guys all die from their wounds. 4) There is a "lovely" scene in which Saul sells pot to underage children--and they are seen enjoying their trips as well. Isn't this a great message to be sending the teenagers who sneak into this R-rated film? 5) The foul language that pervades this film makes "Step Brothers" look like a Disney release. When will the writers learn that bad language should be made to make a point, and it loses all shock value when used for no reason and all the time. 6) Seth Rogen again has a gorgeous girlfriend--that he dumps! What beautiful girl with an IQ above 60 would be with the type of person Seth Rogen plays? Is this really plausible? Does anybody really believe that someone like Katherine Heigl in "Knocked Up" would ever want to be with someone like Seth Rogen?

I am not a prude at all. It is just that this film had no logic to it, no point to it, was unfunny, and highly glamorizes drug use more than any film I have ever seen. Why is it that some people get "up in arms" to see a character smoke a cigarette in a film, but doing drugs and loving it and pushing it to minors is perceived as OK? As to the IMDb overall rating above an 8, obviously the studio has been busy corrupting the website with their votes, and the timing was curious--the movie opened just yesterday and all of these high votes already! I think if you were stoned and found ANYTHING funny -- as people do when they are stoned -- you would be the ones enjoying this film. For anyone else, you'd best save your money and not waste your time. Remember, you vote with your ticket-buying. Do you really want to see more stoner comedies like this being made? The only ones who will be laughing the next day after the drugs wear off are the filmmakers and actors who have raked in all the dough. For the rest of us, we are all the poorer for films like "Pineapple Express."
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Just not funny!!
r-abrahams11 May 2019
Feel like I have just wasted my time on this comedy movie. Can't not comprehend the 7.0 score it has. The times me and my lady were laughing is no more than 5.
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Pineapple Express is good for many things, but the thing that it does best is in making you laugh.
Otoboke10 September 2008
There's no doubt about it, Pineapple Express is a relentlessly funny stoner movie, start to finish with little in the way of compromise; telling the story of two stoners, who end up entangled within a drug conspiracy plot that threatens their lives while smoking plenty of pot along the way, this year's latest instalment to the genre is the finest example of dumb -but well delivered- comedy yet. One discrepancy against it's classification as a stoner comedy however lies in that even if you're not high yourself; even if you've never even been high in your life, there's still lots of fun to be had here as the jokes are broad enough in their design to apply to any ridiculous situation. So while the plant obviously makes a starring role here, the focus is not primarily on it, and the movie is better off as a result.

So far this year we have been treated to an unusually high dosage of stoner comedies, with Pineapple Express being a late third behind the too-dumb-for-it's-own-good Strange Wilderness and the dumb-but-fun Harold & Kumar. However, despite coming in late to the game, the old expression of "saving the best 'till last" seems applicable here. Where previous instalments from this year combined the dumb with surreal through incoherent situations obviously dreamt up from people who were under the influence at the time, Pineapple Express feels silly, but not the extent where the entire feature boils down to caricature comedy. Here the writers take two characters, start them off one place and take them on an adventure not just through crime, car-chases, comical fight scenes and little personal squabbles, but through themselves. It's a combination which could have had a disastrously polarising effect, but the writers get it spot on here.

Main characters Dale Denton (Seth Rogan) and Saul Silver (James Franco) may have alliterative names akin to comic book heroes, but they're certainly not of that kind. Instead, they deal with drugs; Saul is Dale's supplier, and as much as Saul would like to think of Dale as a buddy, Dale wants nothing else to do with him outside of the service he provides. However, after Dale witnesses a murder involving some drug-dealer crimelords, the two are forced to embark on a journey that will have them at odds with each other whether they like it or not. What results of this is a story of friendship, and while the unlikely premise of these guys not exactly getting along does seem a bit shifty, the chemistry between Rogan and Franco is superb enough to allow their characters plenty of growing. To be sure, this isn't a hallmark drama, there are no grandeur statements and no tears are provoked from director David Gordon Green but that's what makes it lovable; it's a story about two regular guys, who get into crazy shenanigans, smoke weed and crack some jokes. It's not enlightening per se, but it's entertaining, and down to earth.

This is where Pineapple Express begins to take the lead in front of its predecessors, as it actually attempts to tell a compelling story with an undoubtedly overblown amount of action, but with grounded drama to bear the weight of its fabrications. Through this fusion of solid characterisation with a ridiculous but conceivable action-packed plot, the film succeeds in creating an engagingly entertaining experience that doesn't just provide excitement and memorable characters, but also manages to tickle the funny bone just as frequently.

Coming from the three guys who last year blessed the screen with the hilarious Superbad, Pineapple Express is a riot start to finish, combining lots of blunt dialogue with slapstick and farce to great effect in ways which made the aforementioned creation as funny as it was. It has to be said that this time around, the pacing isn't quite as tight, and the script's insistence on some scenes' ability to sustain laughter is a little off, and this in turn leads to the movie's only real technical fault. In such moments, jokes will be drawn out for long stretches of time, losing momentum, yet thankfully such scenes are far and few between, and with the pace heightening the more film reaches the conclusion; the frequency sharply decreases with time. Nevertheless, if you don't mind profane dialogue, blunt jokes and plenty of passive violence used mainly for comic effect, then Pineapple Express should please any desire for laughter that you may have.

And that's all it basically comes down to, but what else were you expecting? As a movie, Pineaple Express is an entertaining and at times sweet take on friendship based around two very down to earth characters that most people should be able to relate to in some way or another. As a duo, Rogan and Franco are extremely well matched, with the interplay between the two coming off as naturally comical and aptly delivered to the point of satisfying the movie's biggest pulling point and focus. With some great action scenes tinged with plenty of comedy, all revolving around some memorable characters portrayed by enthusiastic, suitably cast performers who end up within a plot which is admittedly hammy, but fun all the same; Pineapple Express is good for many things, but the thing that it does best is in making you laugh, and it does so with enough frequency to make this one of this year's greater comedies.

  • Written by Jamie Robert Ward (
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Kickass Action/ Comedy
beneaththemassacre120 July 2008
I saw Pineapple Express last night At the Just For laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada.

I don't know where to start. First we can all wash out the bad taste that was left in our mouths by Drillbit Taylor. This was by far the best of the Apatow Productions. THANK YOU. The boys have not lost it. Seth Rogen and james Franco were funny as hell. This was not just a stoner movie. Like its predecessors the theme of friendship was prevalent throughout. However the boys added something different to the mix this time, besides weed. Pure OVER the top action, i'm talking explosions, car chases, Ak 47's, guns galore. It was a solid R rated movie, with comedy always there to overshadow the badass action and violence. In an effort to keep this a spoiler free review , All i can leave you with is, go watch this film. I haven't laughed this hard at the movies for quite a while. I was seated next to an old lady who was laughing her brains out, she was like 75 years old.

The poster has earned the space on my bedroom door, need i say more? --- The film was followed by a Q and A by Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow, Ken Jeong, Danny Mc Bride, Craig Ferguson and Evan Goldberg. Who were as down to earth and funny as one would expect. The Q and A alone was worth staying there until 1:30 am.
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Excellent Movie
chrispag21 July 2008
Several laugh out loud moments. I thought that I had seen every funny part in the previews but they did not do this movie justice and James Franco steals the show as Saul.

Seth Rogan is very good and entertaining and Rosie Perez whom I had no faith in for this movie actually performs very well and fits her character perfectly.

But like I said before, this is James Franco's show and he is just hilarious in every scene. I did not expect much from this as I had gotten bored with the previews I was seeing everywhere but the funniest parts of this movie are not shown on TV. Spend the 11 dollars and go see it.
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Another great comedy from the Apatow group.
mekk20 June 2008
I was lucky enough to see this movie at an advance screening last night, and it was hilarious. Franco's first project with Apatow (in a major role) since "Freaks and Geeks" is another hit in the string of adult comedies from Apatow and co. "Guy humor" dominates the film (crude, rude, and "immature"), but everyone can appreciate the brilliant little quips that come out at the most random times, the great little names the characters call each other, and over the top stupidity from the entire cast which you can tell is generally having a good time with the film. After the bust that "Harold and Kumar 2" turned out to be, this film will be the stoner-comedy of the year and become an instant DVD classic.

Rogen is great in his element again, and Franco is fantastic as the out of whack pot dealer who you just have to love. Even if one does not recreationally ride the "Pineapple Express", this film will still be a complete hit, the film isn't situated around the marijuana element but uses it as a intro to a much grander story and plot that allows for some fantastic action scenes, chases, and plenty of gun fights. Overall, yes this movie is completely silly, immature, and the story is completely illogical, but it doesn't even try to take itself seriously and if it did it would just ruin the magic. I can't wait for the next Apatow/Rogen project and I hope Franco becomes a repeat performer with the group. If you liked my review of this movie, check out my reviews of other movies at "mosmovies"."blogspot"."com". It's been awhile since I went to a movie that had a standing ovation at the end.
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