Pineapple Express (2008) Poster

Ed Begley Jr.: Robert



  • Robert : Angie, you're a fucking idiot. I say that with love.

  • Robert : You assholes do exactly as I say, or I will take you outside and fuck you in the street!

    Dale Denton : No! Don't fuck us anywhere!

  • Robert : Are you high?

    Dale Denton : What? No!

    Shannon : You are high as a fucking kite!

  • Robert : [after shooting at Dale and Saul in the Kitchen]  You assholes do exactly as I say or I will take you outside and FUCK you in the street!

  • Robert : [at dinner, after Dale told everyone he witnessed a murder]  Angie, I swear, you do something or I'm gonna...

    Dale Denton : What? No! No, don't let him gonna! No, don't wanna!

  • Robert : Get the FUCK out of my car, I can't believe you'd even think that would be an option.

    Saul : We gotta get away from the bad guys!

    Dale Denton : No, no, he's right. Come on, let's go.

    [Dale and Saul start to get out of the car] 

    Saul : The hell?

  • Robert : [at dinner]  What the hell happened to you?

    Dale Denton : Nothing, I'm supposed to be here right now, so I'm here!

    Robert : You're all dirty and bleeding.

    Dale Denton : No I'm not, I'm here for dinner.

    Shannon : You have scratches on your forehead...

    Robert : Dude, you smell like shit.

    Angie Anderson : Dale, what happened to you?

    Dale Denton : I was in the woods!

    Shannon : In the woods?

    Dale Denton : Yeah, isn't that weird? I was... I was in the woods!

    Shannon : What were you doing in the woods?

    Dale Denton : I bird... watch... I don't. No, I don't. Look, I'm gonna come clean. I witnessed a murder. Ok? I saw someone murder... someone else.

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