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Not an amazing two-parter by any means, but thought provoking
danieldaylewis1 September 2009
After reading the two reviews submitted to this and the first part which were topically concerned with simply retelling the plot as it occurred, I felt it more relevant to create a discussion to explore what I feel to be the heart of what the two episodes were trying to convey: whether religious wars have less to do with religion than they have to do with human nature. The juxtaposition is our modern era which is overwrought with religious extremism and war (which is mentioned by Richard Dawkins in the first part) and a future without religion but competing powers of atheistic organizations (who are fundamentally fighting each other for power rather than any religious dominance.)

If I was forced to come up with the message Tre and Matt were trying to prove ultimately with this episode (and I do believe nearly every episode of South Park in the last 6+ seasons has had a moral/ideological message), then my guess would be that although religion is often blamed for "holy wars," "jihads," or violence by those who oppose religion, it is likely simply a matter of human nature to be territorial and divisive and have wars against others... almost as sensible and self-conclusive as the theory of evolution might be.
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Seems to me a waste of 2 good storylines
jpapanone12 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Wish they would have done something more and better with time travel and atheism. Any time South Park has talking animals, I find the episodes just arent funny...not because of the talking animals. Just seems to be a recurring coincidence.

And i would have liked to have seen more of future cartman talking to past cartman, butters and others.

The otters were just stupid.
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talking sea otters on ostriches = awesome
RainDogJr25 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Go God Go

I'm writing this after watching also Go God Go XII and Stanley's Cup then I have seen the entire Season 10 of South Park and science I have to say that this one and its second part are without a doubt my favourites from Season 10. Go God Go XII is the superior half but certainly this half is remarkable.

In the DVD commentary by Trey Parker and Matt Stone they say that at an interview they were asked if they were Atheist (because they make fun of religion on the show) and to the surprise of the interviewer and many people (including their friend Penn Jilette) they are not Atheist. Later they received an e-mail from Penn Jilette who was heart broken because of that and they started to know more about Atheism. So at the time that the guys were into Atheism and into the book of Richard Dawkins the Nintendo Wii was going to be at stores soon then Trey's day was basically 5% of the Atheism stuff and 95% of the new Nintendo console stuff. So in this terrific episode we have two plots: Cartman representing the 95% of Trey's day and Mrs. Garrison and Richard Dawkins representing the 5% then Cartman wanting really bad the Nintendo Wii and Mrs. Garrison finding the Atheism. Here everything with Cartman is simply hilarious, basically the Wii will be released in three weeks and there you have Cartman already outside the video games store really desperate! He can't sleep, two minutes are an eternity, he just can't f****** wait! And with that he comes with a plan that is certainly not good but simply awesome: go into suspended animation! He will freeze himself and certainly he needs help and Kyle, Stan and Kenny even that are his very best friends (!) will not help him so who's a really good friend and innocence enough to help Cartman to freeze himself? Of course Butters! And the plan was successful but not entirely since we see Cartman in the year 2546! In the future the religion is obsolete and there are no such things as video games! In my opinion what a f***ed future and certainly because the video games doesn't exist any more. And is such a great presentation of the 3 Atheist groups and certainly the stuff that Mrs. Garrison and Richard Dawkins did simply changed the world. In this plot we have Mrs. Garrison teaching evolution against her wishes, is hilarious her first class ("you're the retarded offspring of 5 monkeys having butt sex with a fish-squirrel") then by the second she will be paying attention to Richard Dawkins the new evolution teacher. With Mrs. Garrison and Dawkins we have hilarious ("I've just never seen a woman with such… balls") and bizarre stuff and everything is as simple as that Mrs. Garrison will have her first date with a man and yes the man is Dawkins who first she threw her feces at and who will convince her that "God's Spaghetti Monster". We see a couple thinking in a world without religion then in a world without wars and thanks to the awesome plan of Cartman we see the world without religion but with a big war. "So it begins…"

Go God Go XII

So we watch part XII of this story, now Cartman is pretty much used to the future but still can't touch a Nintendo Wii and that fact is still killing him but is here in part XII of the story where Cartman touch finally a Nintendo Wii but he will not be able to play with it. Go God Go XII is simply an amazing episode, from the hilarious beginning in which we see that many things happened since the last time we saw Cartman in the future to the awesome talking sea otters! I simply loved those creatures, if there were an action figure of a sea otter on its ostrich I would definitely get it. Hilarious stuff with the sea otters that are the AAA, the Allied Atheist Alliance, one of the three Atheist groups that are in war since each group hast its own answer to the great question so the Atheist future means war and Cartman is in the middle of it without the necessary to play Nintendo Wii but soon knowing of the existence of a device that can save him, the Crank Prank Time Phone allows the consumer to call people from the past but certainly it is only for entertainment since the present can be altered and is also a product not intended for the use by otters. Is a hilarious part of the episode with Cartman calling to the past, to Cartman in order to stop him from freezing himself! And Cartman hates Cartman! Butters will be a little confused and certainly Kyle won't believe that Cartman is actually calling him from the future and is with Kyle when things are modify in the past then the future is altered and the robot dog friend of Cartman is now a robot cat! But the war between the Atheists is still going on, the great question is this: what atheists should call themselves? Eventually Cartman with a call will finally open Richard Dawkins' eyes then he will finally know why Mrs. Garrison was a woman with so much balls! Mrs. Garrison and Dawkins were the founders of worldwide Atheism so when the future is altered the over between Atheists is certainly over but is a peaceful future? Of course not since the French- Chinese want Hawaii! Awesome episode and the ending is memorable!
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The conclusion of Go God Go
gangstahippie22 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Go God Go XII is the conclusion to the two part South Park episode.In this one, the people are still at war and Cartman cannot play his Nintendo Wii.What he does get however is a toy called the "Time Phone" which can call people in the past(it is not meant for other uses other than to prank call).Cartman uses it to call Kyle and Butters and tries to unfreeze himself.Eventually, Cartman calls the scientist and tells him about Garrison's sex change operation.The couple then break up which changes the entire future, where the people are not athiest but there is still war.They thank Cartman and send him back to his time(a bit early).This is an excellent conclusion to the Go God Go two-part episode in my opinion!
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Probably my favourite multi-part episodes. This and the last.
brian-linton117 March 2019
I like time travel stories, and I also like when they satire religon... so this was in my opinion a great two part episode.
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averagepingu31 August 2018
I genuinely love this episode to death, and as if the first wasn't good enough, the second just keeps building and building to a hilarious climax. I mean, Dawkins banging Mr. Garrison is already so damn funny, but the commentary about human nature and combination between spot on comedy is just amazing.

The Crank Prank Timephone part is arguably one of the best scenes in South Park.
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