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Bad, Awful, Terrible!!!
Dill_Doe16 March 2010
As a Serbian I found this "film" to be nauseatingly BAD!!! Actually, to call this film "bad" would be a total complement as I feel mentally scared after watching it! I think it takes a rare and special kind of talent to make a film this awful! Every aspect of this "film" is complete and utter trash! An 8-year old with ADHD could have written a better storyline!

Who was the brain surgeon that cast a Hawaiian guy to play a Serb? Or a blond bimbo with hot pants & high heels to play a terrorist in Kosovo? The acting is so nasty that you have to cringe. Words cannot adequately describe the pile of faeces this "film" is! It should be outlawed under the Geneva convention as it could be used as "enhanced interrogation" by the US military. If you are forced to watch this garbage, make sure you bring a bag to vomit in and a sharp knife to poke out your eyes!

I cannot believe that there are so many positive reviews on this site! These people are obviously being paid or have some kind of connection to the film.
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PAIN for my eyes
Master-Lin-Fu16 January 2012
I really thought it would be a good movie. A movie with Michael Madsen cannot be bad... FAIL! This movie is an insult not only for Serbian people but for everyone.

1. Why the hell a serb speaks in English to another serb?? Even if both live in Serbia... !?! 2. Suzana is not a Muslim name. And her mother talks also about betrayal of her country if she would marry a serb?!? They live in Serbia...

3. Michael Madsen says that he knows some parts of Serbian history. That Tsar Lazar fought with his Serbs in a battle against Kosovo (!!!). They fought IN Kosovo against TURKS! 4. A Serbian woman who acts an American woman. Not intelligent.

5. Why the hell are they in Kosovo? Serbia has not much influence there.

After half an hour I stopped. I am not able to finish this movie. I'm disappointed because there were Serbian actors. The producer was a serb.
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no comment
newage00024 March 2010
are you guys on some drugs when you can say this movie is great? acting great? all we need now in Serbia is Steven Segal to make movies and we will be number one,guess they didn't even know when to speak English or not and yes i forgot,main language in Serbia according to this movie is English?,i live here 33 years and guess i found out tonight that fact Well for Sergej if he read this i hope they paid you at least 1 mil Eur for this crap to shoot and to be biggest dumb ass in whole movie,big disappointment

P.S. ''Your review does not contain enough lines - the minimum length for reviews is 10 lines of text.'' this movie don't deserve 10 lines of text
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awful movie
dothesamba27 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
bad acting, bad casting, bad script it's so bad, it's almost laughable

the scene with Dreq at the end says it all: you can't smoke but that doesn't mean you can fire a gun... even so shooting the scientist before you know the formula definitely works is a bit STUPID. I'm sorry i am just gonna post things like they pop up in my brain, they're just too many of them to put them in the correct order.

A Hawaiian guy posing as a Serb? And what is that attack on the compound with only two men dressed like they are going to the beach? Later the female agent shoots two guards with just two hand guns? And those explosions? What did they use, fire crackers? At the end they are threatened to be killed by the traitor but why didn't he shoot them on the spot? And why did Dreq let Alex live? He is a big murderer so what is one more dead person? Driving a bus with Serbian destinations on it in a Albanian-populated country. Or if it was the north then there wouldn't be Albanians with white hats in the bus. Anyway I have a lot more comments but I'm no story writer so ...
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As bad as it gets
stankovic-i31 March 2010
I have to say this must be the worst film I have seen. Its full of complete nonsense. Stupid story, bad acting, I mean really bad. Worse than Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal together. Few historical mistakes, quite strange having in mind a Serb wrote it. I think a monkey could've done a better job writing this. Music, photography bad as well. You really can't find one bright thing about this film. Well, perhaps two good looking chicks, but that's it. I have no idea why did Michael Madsen and Sergej Trifunovic agree to do this. It is so below their level. Pedja The Boy as evil scientist, well, that was a laugh. Lead actor with constipated face throughout the entire film, funny as well. Skip this title even if they pay you to see it. The only fun you'll get from it is laughing at how bad it is.
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Piece know what..;)
razbgd21 December 2011
If I could,I would have voted with zero..have one thing in mind - this is not a Serbian movie.This movie is a Hollywood G production,and only relation that this,so called,movie has with Serbia is Rajcic family,brothers that are not even living in Serbia,but in the United states.However,they succeeded in putting a huge stain on the Serbian cinematography history,although they are no part of it in any way.

About the plot..unreal at least..Serbia should sue them for implying that we were making any kind of chemical weapon..Do they really hate our country so much?Oh,'s their country too ! Or it was..not any more..

What is worse,I know that they are planning another movie on the similar thematic..OMG..isn't there some state agency in the USA that can stop ppl making pieces of..?!?If there isn't,it should be.

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cune_aleksander25 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I never saw a Serbian movie this bad. It shouldn't even be linked to the name of Serbia. Everything was very stupidly put together, i don't know where do they get these ideas from. And i saw some shocking reviews before, for the movie being excellent, what are you out of you minds? Compare this to a movie with Dragan Nikolic, Bata Zivojinovic and others ... no comparison. They hired Michael Madsen only for marketing purposes ... the Cia house was tops, cheap furniture, and they guy that know to work with computers, knows how to fly a plane and also to fight with terrorists :)) Living in Belgrade and being so narrow minded, living among christians but hating them. Worst movie I have ever seen!!!
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Complete nonsense
sakala29 March 2010
Serbs talking English to each other? Never happened. Maybe in case they are second generation immigrants in English speaking countries but never in Serbia and never if their first language is their mother tongue Serbian. Why would a father speak foreign language while talking to his child in their native country? Any example of that in the history of mankind? Why this crap now?

Muslim girl name Suzana? Her mother asking her not to betray her own country and her religion although they are in Belgrade, Serbia???

And the writer of this script is a Serb from Serbia? Was there any research on this or just a bunch of "bla bla bla" placed on a paper?

Dr. Zlatan? What kind of last name is that? Or is he going to be known as the one with two first names? :)

And this actor/screenwriter is not a convincing actor at all. He looks all the time like his stomach hearts. And that raised eyebrow all the time? Crappy acting.

Not even Michael Madsen is convincing.

The name Rastko is misspelled as Ratsko during the first lines. Huge mistake and without respect to that person.

And BTW Steve Agnew needs a manicure. :)

What else? Bad job, simple as that. Rubbish... :(

The movie got a 2 from me only for some good shots and for some good music moments. Otherwise a zero. This team should never ever again torture people with this kind of movies.
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kemis200510 March 2010
I just can't believe that so many people gave this piece of rubbish good reviews.

They must have kidnapped Michael Madsen's family to make him do this.

It's one of the worst put together films I have ever seen, the acting is mediocre, the editing is worse, the plot is full of holes, the ending doesn't make any sense at all.

The fight scenes, all 2 of them are weakly choreographed, Mark Dacascos is capable of MUCH more.

Vladimir Rajcic acted as well as he wrote the script childishly!

Other people said the locations were beautiful, emmm What locations? Some bushes, a cemetery, back streets and an abandoned building, they could have spent much less money and filmed it all in the same place, it wouldn't have made any difference.

And if they had maybe there would have been some money left over to work on something decent.

All in all I am appalled that so many people gave it good reviews.

It is, to say the least SAD!
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This movie is a disgrace for cinematography
TheBalanch21 March 2010
This is THE worst movie i have ever seen !! Its a complete waste of time !! Main character acts worse then my dog would and Michael Madsen was completely bored because of stupid lines and even worse scenes!! They must have kidnapped Michael Madsen's family to make him act in this so called movie. And locations.... oh dear God... little bit of bushes, a cemetery, back streets and an abandoned building. They could have spent much less money and filmed it all in the same place, it wouldn't have made any difference. I have watched low budget movies, but this is shocking !!

Long story short: This movie is a disgrace for cinematography !!
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Ed Wood Serbian Way
anaoparnica16 May 2009
This is a cheap action thriller made in Serbia and starring Michael Madsen and Mark Dacascos among others. The plot is plain stupid, full of holes and makes no sense. Dacascos in wasted and only have 2 fight scenes - the first one is OK, the other, with Sergej Trifunovic, terrible - and Madsen looks like he's bored to death. The "leading man", Vladimir Rajcic (who wrote screenplay as well) is not wright for the part. He can't act, can't fight, can't do anything. This is as bad as it gets, there are only a few interesting scenes, the rest is just not very good. There are some unintentionally funny scenes, so if you're into goofy action movies and Ed Wood rent this one for the laughs.
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probably the WORST movie EVER since the first camera was made
vegasano12 February 2012
OK people that gave 10 stars to this,are either bought by Vladimir(who!!!??)Rajcic or they are blind,and they are supporting their home boy.Movie is awful in every sense:script,acting,camera work,effects,soundtrack,cast in general.This were the worse hour and a half of my life spent,that no one will ever give me back.This movie was recommended by my Serbian friend who thinks the same of this film and he want it to see my reaction.I reacted like an epileptic after "grand mal".Aren't they speaking Serbian back home,why Mark Dacascos and Michael Madsen didn't read the script?This is unacceptable for intelligent man to be in this involved.And the Serbian newspapers say that Quentin Tarantino loved this movie,are you serious?I need to watch now some cheap Honk Kong movie to flash it out of my system.Peace out folks.
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Anyone giving positive opinion for this movie should be penalized/baned for being dishonest/cheat
Georgeuc14 June 2012
OMG. This is officially THE WORST (so called) MOVIE I have ever seen. It set the bar for me.

My guess is that the so called actor/writer had money to waste and just tried to make a movie with his friends who ARE NOT REAL ACTORS. He then paid the drug addicted Michael Madson (who was not in his right mind to agree to do this film). And I am guessing Mark Dacascos was tricked, by thinking that being in a movie with Michael Madson is a good thing.

And as for the other "actors"? Where do I start!? What a piece of work! I've never acted in my life and I couldn't act as bad as them, even if I tried. It was like an awkward moment, except that it lasted 97 minutes. Painful to watch.

Never mind the language inconsistencies. That's the smallest mistake. It's kind of like Alexander the Great speaking English with his people in the movies.

But a CIA agent in Chicago, with a thick ass accent!? WTF!? Did they actually think she could pass for an American? Or did they think a foreigner can work for CIA in Chicago? Complete NON-Sense.

Then the film locations are so bad! WOW! I guess O'Hare International Airport got much, much smaller with only one runway. LOL. Unless they meant to imply that it was a private airport, in which case it's even more of a non-sense. They obviously did not film in Chicago and yet they claim to have done so. And the buildings? indoor scenes? Outdoor scenes? Extremely obvious those are not American. At least they could have taped over the 220V electrical outlets and switches. And replace the door handles with door knobs.

And all those people who gave it good reviews are either friends of the "film maker" or don't speak English, saw a subtitled version of it (while intoxicated), and don't know what America and Serbia look like.


I would give it 0 if I could go lower then 1.
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jefffy15 December 2012
I have seen this film tonight and it was a foreign dubbed version with the title of '(Re)Open(ed) Serbian wounds/scars'. It's been on my computer in the last 2 years and I finally was in a mood for a supposedly good documentary - that's what I thought it was. First surprise there.

I love cinema and a sucker for it. I only left two movies without having seen them in their entirety although was tempted a good many times more. This was one of them. I still wouldn't have decided to write about it had I not seen some ten-star reviews because I was truly appalled by the fact that there are people (painfully obvious that they have some connection to the film) who praise this film as a cinematographic milestone or masterpiece, some even dare to utter the 'O'-word in connection with it. Pathetic.

I think I understand good intentions. This film probably has plenty. But we all know where they might lead without restraint or proper guidance. Well, this film does have material but it has neither of the above-mentioned. The screenplay is decent enough in the first 15-20 minutes and the camera work throughout most of the film but the acting is pretty lacking. Madsen himself is not too bad, but his glory days are long since gone. Even if he was bloody awesome, he couldn't save this garbage. There are plot holes galore /I'm not gonna mention any, they are far too many and you can read about them in other reviews/ and when there isn't one you kind of wish there was. Plenty of cringe-worthy moments and stuff that has just plainly not been very well thought through. I found the editing lacking as well. And then there are people who praise this film for its colors?? I found the music score to be the most worthy of all departments for this film, which, with a little help, could have been a solid, decent 6 star film instead of the moneywasting project it is.

I always find it interesting when people claim that the film they just saw is the worst film ever so I am not going to go there. Not even close, I have seen much worse. But I wouldn't be proud if I were in it and wouldn't want to commit anything remotely this heinous. In the end I wanted to give it 3,5 (obviously rounded down to 3) for some (rare) nice Madsen-moments. And, what the heck, for its nice colors...
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Serbian Scars, Srpski Oziljci Best Film
lero195019 May 2009
Best film, best acting, 10+ Big Fan I love Madsen and Vladimir Rajcic I need to see film one more time. Picture was nice, sound great......This film is taking us to different level good level. Dacascos is great fighter, My comment is great for this film....BIG FAN. One of the best scenes for me is when Madsen plays piano and when Vladimir Rajcic crys for the father. Music is super super good, Tanja Savic song is so great, Biber band did great job. premier was also super cool. A lot of people. After the film critics are great. All news papers are very happy with the film and main actor Vladimir Rajcic who was also producer and writer. I love Michael Madsen in every scenes he is very good. Agin very GOOD FILM WELL DONE JOB.
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Good Film
serbianscars5 June 2009
Last night I went to see the film with my friends.....and I can tell you guys very nice. This film is for me one of the best films in Serbia that I know about, acting perfect Michael Madsen and Vladimir Rajcic are the best actors for me so far. Picture and music great job, I know that Biber band did a music so good job guys. Story very nice keeps you busy all the time and when we left the theater we can't stop talking about the film. Film is excellent 10 plus, we need more films like this again good job, big fan here. My sister is going today to see the film with some friends and I told them how good film is at. Thank you for making our city nice in the film and having film in our theaters. GOOD JOB AGAIN.

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Best film of the year
geromaza21 May 2010
The film is a well-made, tightly-constructed movie which is as long as it should be, and one which strikes a solid balance between character and story. The writing is great, My vote is ten.

It's nice to see that somebody finally got things right. This movie practically delivered on all accounts.

I loved it! A fabulous movie from start to finish. Color's of the film are so perfect, music in the film is more then perfect. Acting was great and I can tell you that Michael Madsen is crazy good in every single scenes.

I'll look forward to seeing it again.
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nikmani641 November 2009
Just got back from theater I saw the Serbian SCARS.....OK guys I was there just got back, my Serbian friends told me about the film they can't stop talking about the film how great film is Serbian Scars I went to see this Serbian American film to make sure my self that film is like they are saying best film of the year for them and and and......YES you are guys right. I love every moment of this film, very good action drama film. I am going tomorrow again with many friends to see the film again. It is cool film and I will put this film on my list of best films and I can tell all of you go and see the film. I am very happy for my Serbian friends they can talk about this film and be very happy and proud. Congratulation very nice.
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Serbian Scars Best Film
mikilalic1 November 2009
This film is super great, very good made film. I was very happy to see good Serbian, American film. Acting was great, Vladimir Rajcic plays character Alex Obilich Serbian soldier and I can tell you that he did great job, I would like to see him in more films, now Michael Madsen I don't know what to tell you guys just that he was GREAT in this film. Mark Dacascos which is now on DWS is so cool when comes to fighting, this guy is karate master. Picture in the film was more then great, colors....etc. I can tell you guys go and see the film, I know that film is in select theaters I wish to see more film all over. Thanks producers for good film. Big fan here......
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Nice film with good story
jonmosic10 November 2009
I saw a screening of Serbian SCARS with a couple of buddies of mine, and wow this movie was truly powerful and thought-provoking. I was captivated by Michael Madsen's strong performance along with the rest of the cast. Also, if you're looking for a disturbing movie... then this movie is for you. The real recordings combined with the recreated movie footage was so well executed that it will make you cringe and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Definitely got to give major props to the producers and the director. The Serbian Scars exceeded my expectations. Now, I'm left asking many questions and still trying to decipher / figure it all out... This movie earns two thumbs up in my book.

Well done job...........
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Great Film!!!!!!!
danichd10 November 2009
This movie was a total surprise, in a good way. The trailer was particularly amazing, and did get me excited for the movie. I came out shocked at how good the movie actually was.

The movie was filled with a great story in my opinion, had tons of suspense and had its fair share of disturbing and freaky moments, movies are meant for entertainment and this movie certainly accomplished this.

All in all, great movie, you won't be disappointed. Go watch it, it will make you question your beliefs.

DP good job, nice very nice.
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Terrific film
slavamosic10 November 2009
I love revenge movies when there done right. This one was perfect. From start to finish it had me and my wife on our seat.

The only little thing i would of changed is the conclusion. I give this movie a 9. And recommend it to everybody. Its a shame that this does happen in everyday life.

Terrific film with fine performances, some of the scenes were clever and it did have some cool moments.

Several very good twists, fun film. Acting perfect, music Wow very nice. Story was very different.

We are telling go see this film......nice.
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Good Film, good job
vasickiki1 November 2009
I saw the film first time in Serbian theaters now I am here now in US with my sister visiting our family so I told them about the film. They went last night after the dinner to see the film, this morning in our house we talk only about this film. My other family members are here also today and they want to go to see the film with my sister which can't stop to talk about this film. Her favor actors are now Vladimir Rajcic and Michael Madsen. So I can easy tell that film is very good, I love the films where we talk about after we see the film and this film is one of those. This film keeps you focus and give you special feeling. Something is about the characters they are very special. I really would like to see this film to go to the top. You can't find this days good film that easy and I believe that this film is one of those good films that will be on the top. I was reading in the news papers that film is going to enter the Globes and Oscar so hope to see this film on the top I know that my family and friends are going crazy about the film. Very nice, well done job.
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Love it or hate it?
Ismaninb15 May 2011
At the time of writing my co-reviewers either give Serbian Scars one star or ten. So is this a love it or hate it case? For me it's a bit more complicated. I loved the first half hour indeed, which contains the dramatic parts. Good acting, good story telling technique. After that the movie gradually fell apart and the last half hour, the so called action segment, left me less than underwhelmed. I will leave it to others to point out all the plot holes. I want to address one point of critique though. Somebody complained about Serbians speaking English. As far as Dreq etc. is concerned he/she is right of course, but as far as Suzana goes the movie gives a bit far fetched, but still credible explanation. As I am in a good mood I'll give six stars, but it could have been 5.
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Film is going for GOLDEN GLOBES and the Oscar
pitnikich1 November 2009
I was on red carpet the other night, I took pictures with Michael Madsen, Vladimir Rajcic and Brent Huff. Very nice people, but the best part was seeing the film. I love Vladimir Rajcic's character Alex Obilich and his girlfriend Suzana great love between this two. Vladimir Rajcic is the best Serbian-American actor for me starting that night, this guy knows what he is doing, and now Michael Madsen I love him, he did great job in the film. Brent Huff thanks man for great film. Music I need to know where I can buy CD music from the film. Music is so good. Colors in the film are so great that every person just can't believe how great job DP did, his name is Rudy Harbon. My scene in the film is Piano scene with good film I just can't stop talking about.
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