Bully (Video Game 2006) Poster

(2006 Video Game)

Rocco Rosanio: Johnny Vincent


  • Lola : Of course I love you, Johnny!

    Johnny Vincent : No you don't!

    Lola : Love is complicated!

    Johnny Vincent : Well it didn't seem complicated between you and that Gord kid! I'm gonna kill him!

    Lola : Johnny, please! We've been over that! He's sweet, but it was so... innocent!

    Johnny Vincent : Get off!

    Lola : Oh I love it when you get angry, Johnny. I really do. You're so... bestial!

  • Johnny Vincent : Well hello, Gord. Seems like you've been messin' where you ought not.

    Gord : No... cousins are legal. Oh... you mean Lola.

    Johnny Vincent : Yeah, MY woman. Now you pay!

  • [Jimmy and Russell enter the Girls dorm and stops Johnny, Hal and Peanut] 

    Jimmy Hopkins : What the hell are you doing, Johnny? Why are you take orders from Gary?

    Johnny Vincent : Shut up, Jimmy! You left us and everything went down the toilet!

    Jimmy Hopkins : I beat you once, I'll beat you again.

  • Johny Vincent : When I'm finished beatin' you I'm goin' home to Lola!

  • Lola : So you could beat Jimmy in a race?

    Johnny Vincent : Definitely!

    Lola : I heard he was pretty fast...

    Johnny Vincent : This little twerp? Give me a break!

    Lola : Ooh! I think we've got a little challenge! I just love challenges. They make me so... excited.

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