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Song and Series
rae5238427 November 2006
The song Hallelujah from the show is by Rufus Wainwright. I really like ER but I am getting really tired of Luka and Abby not telling things to each other, I mean they have a child!! I'm also sad that not a single person from the first season is still on. Carrie is the closest as she started in season 2 I believe, but it would be nice to still have at least one original character. I think that "Scoop and Run" was a great show, with real meaning, especially with Dr. Abby Lockhart's character. She showed a lot of depth in this episode and the man flying with her also seemed to bend his ways by being around her and working with her. I think that budding interaction between Dr. Crenshaw and the intern that was on Roseanne will be very interesting.
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Song is "Hallelujah"
mimiphinney25 November 2006
The song is "Hallelujah" most often sung by the late Jeff Buckley, altho not in this commercial. You can find it on Jeff's CD "Grace" and most of his others also. He was an awesome singer whose voice reaches thru multiple octaves. I watched the episode but did not hear the song during the program. I believe it was also used in one of the "Shrek" movies, and also in the season closer on "The OC" the season before last. ER continues to be an excellent show even with so many characters leaving thru the years -- it still manages to hold your attention and keep you guessing. This episode seemed to really show us how Dr. Lockhart has evolved and grown and is so much more comfortable in her own skin.
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Scoop and Run (#13.9)
ComedyFan201027 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the episodes with a lot of action. Abby goes on a helicopter ride and they also get to help in a pretty big accident. The scene with Abby saving the woman from under her seat is pretty dramatic. Also a lot of action in this part.

I also liked Pratt talking to Weaver about being gay. Not a very deep conversation, we just see how she leads him to accept his brother, which we could expect anyways. But I like how it went, including her jokingly asking him if he is coming out. Now I hope there will be more about this with his brother.

And it is nice to see Alex volunteering in the hospital. The actor is a pretty good kid.
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musical score
sillylizard4322 November 2006
i am going crazy trying to identify and locate the music being sung under the voice over on the commercial(s) for the ER episode to be aired 23 Nov 06. i have heard it on a couple of other network dramas this season. all i can be clear about it is the refrain "alleluia, alleluia" Please Help. in other opinions, I have enjoyed Micheal Crichton's writing since I first saw "Andromeda Strain," the movie. I have read most (not necessarily all) of his books, and definitely all of his medically themed mysteries. his novel "Sphere" was pretty good, and I've enjoyed his non-fiction too. I was surprised to find out that he wrote Jurassic Park - I enjoyed all the movies but have yet to decide to read the book. The movie "Coma," based on his book, was ground breaking at the time. An interesting piece of trivia is that Tom Selleck has an uncredited (bit) part in that movie - no lines, he is a cadaver.
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