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Dolphin Attack
Enter the dolphin's complex world of sexual aggression and social hierarchy to find out what causes these seemingly harmless animals to attack.
In a remote area of South Africa, a male baboon steals a baby from its bed. Why did this baboon take the child? Is this incident connected to the increasing conflicts between baboons and tourists in Cape Town?
Stalked at Sea: Sharks
Great white sharks seem to be increasingly targeting people. In South Africa, video shows two of the oceans most fearsome predators hunting in cooperation on one surfer. Are some people "shark magnets"?
The Silent Stalker
An Amazonian village is attacked by stealthy, night time predators - leaving mysterious questions and seven people dead.
Tigers: Mangrove Maneaters
In India, Bengal tigers stalk men in forest and spring upon fishermen as they ride the rivers. One tiger even has a target inside one of the local villages. Why are these wild tigers killing human beings?
An enormous saltwater crocodile attacks a group of tourists in the Australian outback. Why were these people swimming at night in croc-inhabited waters? Eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence yield disturbing answers.
Victims of Venom
Two talented snake handlers are bitten by cobras. The astounding story of how they were bitten -- and their struggles to survive -- unfolds in a tragic tale involving cobras, cameras, and contrasting cultures.
Shark Invasion
National Geographic investigates shark attacks that are causing beachgoers to struggle for their lives.
29 Jan. 2006
Outback Attack
Australia's Kakadu National Park is home to deadly reptilian residents, the freshwater and saltwater crocodiles.
20 Feb. 2007
Gator Attack
The American alligator is an efficient and opportunistic hunter, but seldom preys on humans. So when alligators attack three women in three different parts of Florida in one week, experts want to know why the hunter became the hunted.
20 Aug. 2007
Jungle Breakout
National Geographic investigates the circumstances behind a rare chimp attack in Sierra Leone.

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