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Tim Boyle Wants to Direct 'The Phantom Legacy'

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Australia loves The Phantom, so when news broke over the weekend that the comic strip legend was returning to the silver screen, the local media began covering it in earnest.

Tim Boyle told the Courier Mail that he would love to direct The Phantom Legacy which he is writing. The writer/director most recently saw his The Plex released internationally. He has worked with far smaller budgets than the $87 million producer Bruce Sherlock estimated the film will require.

Boyle says he’s up to the challenge and envisions Sam Worthington as ideal for the Ghost Who Walks. Worthington will next be seen in Terminator Salvation next May. Worthington also appeared in Boyle’s Fink so they are familiar with one another.

The writer has moved to Los Angeles for three months to work with Sherlock on locking down pre-production details from distribution to casting. A director choice is expected in January.
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The Ghost Who Walks Into Australia

  The latest reincarnation of the famous The Phantom comic book series will be shot entirely in Australia and will hopefully bring with it some of the cache achieved by recent comic book adaptation blockbusters such as The Dark Knight and Iron Man.   The Phantom Legacy will relaunch The Ghost Who Walks on the big screen, 13 years after Billy Zane portrayed the hero in The Phantom, which was shot in Australia as well. The new film will bring a $130 million production to these shores; courtesy of Sydney based Sherlock Symington Productions.   The movie will be penned by Australian writer/director Tim Boyle, whose modest independent feature film The Plex opened earlier this year in Australian cinemas.
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