2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010) Poster

Alana Curry: Bristol Bush



  • Jesus : So what's a hottie like you doing with a limp dick like Jerry?

    Bristol Bush : [laughs]  Ever hear the one about the dumb blond that slept with the writer to get ahead in Hollywood? Guess that's me.

    Jesus : [seductive tone]  Oh... baby, you're no dumb blond. You're just misinformed. See, it's not the writers or directors that get you ahead. It's the teamsters. You stick with me, I'll hook you up.

    Bristol Bush : [scoffs]  Yeah, like I never heard that before.

    Jesus : Bitch, I ain't playing you.

    Bristol Bush : Oh, yeah? So, who are you gonna hook me up with?

    Jesus : For one, a bunch of buddies of mine got this indie horror thing going on. See, horror has its hell these days, you know?

    Bristol Bush : I would love to get killed in a horror flick!

    Jesus : I bet you would, and I bet you'd look good too... all naked and covered in blood and shit.

  • Jerry Schmit : Hey, we can always camp out here. You know, get the girls in thongs, roasting marshmellows...

    Bristol Bush : Whatever.

    Jerry Schmit : It would make for some great footage.

    Tina Sheraton : I don't think so. This place looks way too creepy.

    Rome Sheraton : Yeah, it's makes Biscuit's hair stand up.

    K-Jay : That would be the Formaldehyde, babe.

    Falcon : Dude, respect.

    Bristol Bush : For once, I agree with the debutantes. Let's just get out of here.

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