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Michaelangelo and goodfeathers
TheLittleSongbird6 June 2018
Love animation to bits. It was a big part of my life as a child, especially Disney, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera and Tom and Jerry (with tastes broadening further getting older with Pixar, Studio Ghibli and some of the more mature animations out there), and still love it to this day as a young adult whether it's film, television or cartoons. Actually appreciate it even more now, with more knowledge of the different animation styles, directors, studios and what work went into them.

'Animaniacs' has always been one of my favourites. From an early age, it always stood out as one of the most colourful, unique, funniest and cleverest shows, animated and otherwise, ever made. It is not to be dismissed as a show just for children. There is plenty for children to enjoy, any child who loves great animation, humour to laugh at and unique characters will be in heaven. There is more than plenty for adults too, especially the hugely clever in-jokes/poking fun that is likely to be better understood by older viewers with more familiarity for what is being referenced and poked fun at.

The show got off to a great start and the great quality continues and is actually even better in the previous episodes and this one.

In both segments, the animation is very well done, with vibrant colouring, crisp beautiful backgrounds and convincing movements for the characters. The music is not only catchy it is actually memorable as well, with an instantly hummable main theme.

The scripts and humour are witty and hilarious with clever references and inside jokes in particularly "Goodfeathers: The Beginning", an ingeniously clever take on crime films and primarily 'Goodfellas'. As are the situations no matter how silly they are the characters get into. This all springs from a great concept, some shows have a great concept but don't live up to it.

'Animaniacs' was always one of the finest examples of execution of a great concept doing that and superbly, with the story lines here being funny and endearing. Can't decide which is the better one. The characters are immensely likable with unique personalities, with no exception, particularly Squit and the Kirk Douglas-like Michaelangelo. The Warners are as endearing as ever.

Characters that are brilliantly voiced by the likes of Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell, Frank Welker and Maurice LaMarche.

Overall, wonderful. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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......Badda Bing!
ccthemovieman-16 July 2009
There are two stories here, two-thirds of which (time-wise) is the second one about the "Goodfeathers."

In the opener, "Yakko," "Wakko" and "Dot" come to the rescue of famous painter Michelangelo, who is trying to complete his work of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The three Animaniacs are painters, too: ones who advertise they'll paint your ceilings for $29.99. Michelangelo, played in parody by someone imitating acting Kirk Douglas (even though it was Charleton Heston who played Michaelango in the film), is nearly driven insane by these three wacky painters.who give the Chapel some incredible (and tacky) looks.....before a more appropriate finishing touch - with a twist, of course.

Part two is "Goodfeathers: The Beginning." It's a great takeoff on the 1990 movie "Goodfellas,." along with other crime films. Instead of "You talking' to me?" from "Taxi Driver," we get "You walkin' with me?" by one of the pigeons walking down with his buddy on the sidewalks of New York. Doing the narration is someone imitating Ray Liotta's narration in Goodfellas. It's all done well, but to really appreciate the humor here you have to be familiar with these particular "gangster films." The "gangsters" here, to begin with are pigeons: "Bobby" and "Pesto." and the narrator - the kid who wants to be a "tough bird" and join the group - is "Squit." This whole cartoon has references to scenes in Goodfellas, including the famous scene in which Joe Pecsi pretends to be really upset when he isn't. Even "The Godfather" gets in here, complete with a funny Marlon Brando imitation.

Although not hilarious, the "mob" takes are clever and humorous enough to enjoy and I certainly won't "fuggedaboutit."
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