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Sex & Nudity

  • House says he was "hanging down [his] right pant leg yesterday," referring to his genitals. A man says "I want to have sex with my wife," to which Cameron replies, "Viagra. You're here for Viagra." The man responds, "A bucketful would be nice." When Cuddy asks House about his leg, he asks "What's going on with your boobs? They're firmer." She says, "It's called and underwire," to which he replies "I think it's hormones. Looks to me like those puppies are going into the dairy business."

Violence & Gore

  • A boy is lying on his lawn in his pajamas. There is blood all over the seat of his pants. Chase runs a clotting test on a boy, pricking his forearm with a scalpel. A small amount of blood is shown. A boy is hiding in a restroom, picking at the back of his neck with a surgical instrument, trying to remove something. There is lots of blood on his neck and running down his shoulder. A boy undergoes surgery, and there is some blood and visible insides. A boy undergoes brain surgery, and his brain is visible.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • At the beginning, a boy is trying to sleep in his room, when the TV starts to switch channels rapidly, then turns to static. Things start falling off shelves and his bedside table, and his windows fly open, a bright light behind them. He starts screaming for his mom, and then the scene cuts. A needle is inserted into a boy's pupil. A boy starts hovering from his hospital bed and floating toward his window. The window shatters, and then the scene changes, and we realize the boy is experiencing a seizure. In order to discover which areas of the boy's brain are malfunctioning, House induces a hallucination via electrical shock and suggestion, saying "They're coming to get you. You'll never see your parents again." The boy then sees aliens in the operating room and is afraid of them. One says, "Clancy, can you hear me?" The alien then reverts into Chase as the hallucination subsides.

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