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Kelly and Joss haul the pilot from a crashed crop-spraying plane - or rather, Kelly does, with the help of a a neighbouring organic farmer. Joss keeps his distance, apparently afraid the plane will explode. The pilot has had letters threatening his plane will be sabotaged, and the greenie farmer, who's been heard to threaten him at a public meeting, soon becomes the prime suspect. Another incident reinforces Kelly's suspicion of him, and also her feeling that Joss has lost his nerve. But Joss has other troubles - he is seriously behind with his rent. Kelly's friend the new lawyer is representing the organic farmer, and their relationship continues its wild see-sawing between attraction and infuriation. Meanwhile, a box of valuable comics has been stolen from a collector, and Susie and Matt investigate. Alex's son Rory has a crush on Susie, and grabs any excuse to seek her out. She indulges him and recruits him and his friend Lachie, the son of the collector, as junior detectives. In ...

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