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Abi: [Abi is standing in the restaurant naked, breasts on full display, holding a wine glass] Today is my birthday. I'm 25.

[Suzie is telling Abi "get dressed"]

Abi: I guess none of you know that I trained as an actor for three years

[Suzie is whispering for Alice and Rita to come out. They do and see Abi nude from behind]

Abi: . I've had enough. But those creative, giddy Lee Strasberg days are but a distant memory. Now I can't even afford my flight home. I have a huge debt. I've just had my electricity disconnected. My Visa bill is at 17.9% interest. I have been a waitress for 10 years now, and the only job that I've been offered recently is in porn. So what I really wanted to ask all of you is if anyone has any tips on how I might change my life. I would really appreciate hearing them. Perhaps you didn't hear me. But as one miserably failed human being to a bunch of probably enormously successful ones- which you must be if you can afford to eat in this overpriced, rat-infested shithole - I'm merely asking what the fuck am I meant to do with my life.

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