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  • In Jacksonville, Florida, four friends since grade school who are now in their early 30s face the challenges of adulthood: Hutto is about to become a father, Laith is intimidated by his girlfriend's sexuality, a grieving Bobby drinks heavily and sleeps on the grave of a girlfriend who's been dead 18 months, and Mark, an OB/GYN who loves his work, can't practice medicine because he can't afford malpractice insurance. Things come to a head when Mark needs his three friends' help after a belligerent animal-abusing pornographer attacks Mark with a gun over something Laith did. A midnight road trip tests friendship: can the guys help each other?


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  • Bobby Stork (Jason London), a beer guzzling widower, runs into his old friend Mark van Houten (Scott Grimes), a defrocked doctor who has resorted to making crystal meth to pay the bills. Bobby discusses Mark's problem with their mutual friends Laith Rukkab (Scott Michael Campbell), an uptight guy who's packed on a few pounds but somehow lucked into landing a pretty girlfriend, and James a.k.a. Hutto (David DeLuise), a soon-to-be father and the most together out of the four best-friends-forever. Bobby and Laith decide to give Mark the throwing stars they played with as kids to bring him back to reality. The pretend weapons end up leading each member of the group to realizations about their own lives, as Laith uses one in an attempt to pick the lock of the Mini Cooper belonging to Dr. Mark's sole meth customer, bestiality porn producer Reed (Kevin Durand). In the process, Laith somehow breaks the driver's window, releasing a duck and a goat inside the car. The pair escape the scene just before an angry Reed drives to Dr. Mark's house and demands more meth NOW so one of his actresses can "get comfortable" with her little co-star. When he sees a throwing star embedded in Mark's door similar to the one panicky Laith left on the front seat of his burgled car, Reed shoves one of his guns down Mark's throat, but it misfires twice. Meanwhile, Mark gropes behind himself for the throwing star and jams it into Reed's temple. Unfazed, Reed gets his OTHER gun from his damaged car, but as he walks back inside Mark's house Mark brains him with an iron skillet, knocking him stone-cold dead. Calling on his three friends for reinforcements, the quartet find a capuchin monkey leftover in Reed's car, which causes them to wreck it some more. Piling in to Dr. Mark's sedan with Reed's corpse in the back, they have some hilarious monkey hijinks while dealing with a local sheriff's deputy. After sinking the corpse in the middle of a river, and out-paddling a possible alligator, the quartet reunite and reach Hutto's house just in time for Dr. Mark to perform an emergency C-section upon Mrs. Hutto in the middle of the living room floor. Laith puts the batteries back in his live-in lover's neck massager, Dr. Mark gets a lead on a hot chick, and Bobby promises to stop sleeping on his wife's grave. All's well that ends well.

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