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An excellent opening to a season of an excellent series
ilstefano8 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it's well worth the wait for season 3: Meaning is simply fantastic! All aspects of this episode fit well in the series, all the things House does are perfectly relevant to him, especially his stubborn nature with which he tries to solve the case, and that he notices very small details others don't. The majority of the other doctors have either remained the same, or have changed for the better. The only exception is Dr Wilson, and it's the only part of the episode I'm not satisfied with. Instead of House's best friend who helps him with the case, he rather seems to be his "dark side". All in all, I quite like this episode, and am eager to see the others in the season. Especially if the soundtrack remains of the same top-quality ("You can't always get what you want" at the end of the episode is a great choice, I think).
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Different sort of solution
xredgarnetx9 October 2006
A despondent cripple takes a header into a pool. Once in the hospital, he is at the mercy of House, who suspects there's more going on than meets the paralyzed eye. His proposed solution is not taken seriously, and the man is being wheeled out at the end, where he will die at home. Or will he? It's up to Cuddy to save the day for a change. But will she? See it for yourself. The ever-radiant Kathleen (EVENT HORIZON) Quinlan guest-stars as the beleaguered man's dutiful wife. I would prefer to say nothing more about this episode, but IMDb is pestering me for more lines. I will say Quinlan, who is the real focus of this episode, is still a stunner after over 25 years of movie-making. Film buffs will remember her for her star turn in an episode of the otherwise mediocre TWILIGHT ZONE -- The MOVIE.
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Better than others say
jordan-623413 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not the perfect episode, but it was well done. Recovering from the issues House has faced is no easy task and his tendency to revert back to miserableness is just him. He has felt something for once- positivity. He doesn't like this. The trip he had while he was unconscious affected him well enough to question himself and everything he is, and now as he recovers he's feeling the effects of being a more positive, genuine person. This breaks everything he has known for the entirety of the last few years of his miserable, pain-raddled life, and he retaliates as he does by trying to again inject his need to relate everything to puzzle and enjoy himself while he does it, even going back to meds for a pain he doesn't feel, but is scared of.

The episode shows great development for House as a character reflecting the trauma he's faced and the emotional pain he's built a wall around, and you can't expect him to recover from it in a month of no work.
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excellently plotted, however, a little bit predictable
joeliyiyang14 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this episode after watching the season finally of season 2 and episode 15,16 of season 4. I have to say that this is the one that brought me the most descent meaning. I knew House would cure the patient just by guessing and i knew that cuddy would be stopped from telling him that he is right. That's why I say that it is predictable. However, it is still an great episode because it shows us we can not always get what we want. House can be always right, even by mere guessing. The reality doesn't work that way. The other interesting of this episode is that House began to run and make every use of his leg which i knew will go back to "stroke" again. House is just like everyone else to some extent since my leg is cured from paralyzing and I was doing the same thing he does on TV. It really remind me of what that filling was like.
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You can't always know what someone needs
matadormatheus17 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is weird. It's too obvious, as some reviews pointed. You know since the beginning the wheelchair guy is going to be cured, you know they are not going to tell House about it. It's also contradicting, as House himself pointed during the episode. He was happy and clean for the first time in years, and just now they were worried about his motives? It doesn't make sense. Not to talk about Cameron being more stupid than ever. But, it is a very good episode. Foreman allowed himself to show some admiration, Chase exhibited his professionalism (and outshone his colleagues). More than that, the emotional downfall of House is very smart. He starts the episode happier than ever, trying new things, running, being thanked. In the mid of the episode, he is having doubts. Tries to give back the "thank you" he received, begins to sabotage himself. In the end, his old miserable self is back. I think there is a major importance to this episode, it gives the obvious conflict the show needs to continue, but it also gives a meaning to the story. Other reviewer considered that Wilson did what was good for House, associating it to the Rolling Stones song. Oh no, House didn't get what he needed. The downfall previously mentioned finds it's explanation in the treatment he receives from everyone around him. Cameron is miserable for unknown reasons, and treats House as bad as she can. Cuddy can't seem to withstand a better House, punishing him for it, and later believing him, but not allowing herself to show it. Wilson gives him good advice, but acts behind his back (damn traitor), he tries to "protect" House, but ends up being his cancer.
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