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21 Apr. 1964
Luis Buñuel
The odd,enigmatic character of the Spanish director and his surrealistic films is explored by interviews with him in Toledo and with some of his collaborators over the years.
15 Oct. 1964
Jean Vigo
A number of surviving collaborators on two of Jean Vigo's films. "Zero For Conduct" and " L'Atalante," are interviewed about the making of these works and their historical context.
20 May 1965
Sacha Guitry
Collaborators of the late playwright, actor, and film director, as well as several scholars, are interviewed about the lasting importance of Guitry's work, which is illustrated by clips.
17 Jun. 1965
Bresson ni vu ni connu
As befits the austerity of this director, for his first ever on camera interview, it is just Bresson and the filmmaker, with pronouncements on the difference between "le cinematographe" and "le Cinema, " and much information about the man's tastes in other arts such as painting, photography and music.
26 Oct. 1965
Max Ophuls ou Le plaisir de tourner
Ten years after the release of the last Ophuls film,surviving collaborators gather in a circus setting inspired by that work (Lola Montes) and are interviewed about various aspects of his directorial approach.
Portrait de Michel Simon par Jean Renoir ou Portrait de Jean Renoir par Michel Simon ou La direction d'acteurs: dialogue
After clips remind us of the five films on which director Jean Renoir and actor Michel Simon collaborated,the two are filmed seated at a convivial table,enjoying a jovial conversation about their work together and the general topic of acting.
16 Jun. 1966
Entre chien et loup, John Ford
John Ford is interviewed,sitting on a bed in his Hollywood home, with a cigar and a drink,by two journalists,and deflects a number of the questions about his life and films with a cranky humor,even occasionally trying to converse with the French interviewer in French.
17 Mar. 1969
John Cassavetes
The director is interviewed at his house in Hollywood in 1965 during the filming of "Faces," and then three years later in Paris after the movie has finally been finished and is awaiting distribution.
Introduction à la Méthode de F.W. Murnau
A critical essay on Murnau's movie direction style, approaching his work indirectly, without showing excerpts from his films.
16 Jul. 1971
Jean-Pierre Melville: portrait en neuf poses
Melville is visited in the Paris studio he built in the mid 1950s and talks about his working strategies,and the filmmakers who have influenced him.
26 Jul. 1972
Norman McLaren: Né en 1914
1967 interview at the NFB of Canada, presented against a background of short animation films by McLaren. McLaren goes back into the origin of his interests in film-making, and discusses his techniques.

 Unknown Season 

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