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  • Deaths tells the story of an all-American guy who is murdered each day by horrifying pursuers, only to wake up in slightly different lives to experience the terror of being murdered again.

  • Ian Stone (Mike Vogel) is a working stiff, an American businessman who travels to England for business only to find himself trapped in a bizarre reality: every day he dies a horrific death at the hands of an unknown killer... only to wake up and murdered again and again. Can Ian get to the bottom of the mystery and break the recurring chain of death and resurrection?

  • In England, Ian Stone finds himself trapped in a weird situation: everyday, he meets the same persons in the most different situation, including Medea and Jenny; around 5 PM, the watches stop and Ian is haunted by beings with claws and he has a painful death, waking again in another life. When an old man meets him and tells that he must protect Jenny to resurrect again, Ian begins to unravel a great mystery.


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  • During an otherwise ordinary college hockey game, dazzling stick-handler #17 Ian Stone (Mike Vogel) thinks he has scored the winning goal with two seconds left, but the referee says time has expired (though the scoreboard clock is stuck on two seconds). Two of his Cougar teammates seem unduly hostile--blaming HIM for something--and the ref appears strangely sinister. After kissing his girlfriend Jenny (Christina Cole) goodbye-for-now, Ian encounters a mysterious creature motionless in the dark, rainy street near the rail crossing in front of his vehicle. When the hockey star gets out to investigate, the ghoulish phantom scrambles off the pavement, grabs Ian, and forces him to seeming death beneath the steel wheels of an oncoming train. Rather than passing into oblivion, Ian next finds himself reborn into a new life that feels strangely familiar. Now he is older, shuffling spreadsheets as an office drone. Worse yet, the clock reads 5:03 p.m.--just as it did when the movie opened during the hockey game. After his soon-to-occur second "death," it becomes apparent that Ian is being hunted by evil fates, and will be forced to die every day until he can solve the mystery of his own life.

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