The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007) Poster

Jaime Murray: Medea



  • Medea : [giving Ian a gift]  Alright then, you have to promise me that you'll like it.

    Ian Stone : I'll cross my heart and I'll hope to die...

    Medea : Stick a needle in your eye.

  • Medea : One day you might try actually getting up on time.

    Ian Stone : And not risk being fired? How much fun would that be?

  • [after Ian tries unsuccessfully to escape] 

    Medea : [sarcastically]  That was a very nice try. Really.

  • Medea : What's wrong?

    Ian Stone : I watched a man die today.

    Medea : What?

    Ian Stone : It happened at work, right in front of me. And I just shared an elevator with the guy, you know?

    Medea : My god.

    Ian Stone : And then this other guy was standing over him. At first, it looked like he was there to help, I thought. But then...

    Medea : What?

    Ian Stone : I don't know. I don't know. I guess I don't know what I saw. The weird part is, the guy that was helping him reminded me of this hockey ref who used to hassle me.

  • Ian Stone : The problem is that I'm remembering something that never happened. Maybe something's wrong with me, you know?

    Medea : I don't know. Do you think something's wrong with you?

    Ian Stone : No. I mean, I feel fine but you gotta admit, having memories of shit that never happened? Come on, that doesn't strike you as bizarre?

    Medea : Nothing bizarre ever happens to you.

    Ian Stone : I'm serious Medea, you don't think this is a little nuts?

    Medea : Ian, you're speaking to a girl whose parents named her after a witch who killed her own children.

    Ian Stone : That's right.

    Medea : You'll forgive me if there's few things that strike me as being a little nuts.

    Ian Stone : Something's not right.

  • Medea : I don't enjoy this Ian, but you leave me no choice.

  • Medea : We don't like doing this, Ian. But we don't have much choice, do we?

  • Medea : Ian, Ian, Ian. Silly name really. We could have chosen a better one.

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