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An Audience With The Woodentops Would've Been More Fun
ShadeGrenade11 October 2006
When I heard about this, I thought it sounded interesting. How, I wondered, would they fit a street inside a small television studio to face an audience of D-listers? Then I watched and realised my mistake. It was the cast of 'Coronation Street', not the street itself. Silly me! With L.W.T. now part of Granada, I suppose a programme like this was inevitable. In terms of sheer inanity, it almost beat 'Russell Harty Meets Upstairs, Downstairs' from way back in the '70's. Isn't it bad enough that we have to endure the 'Coronation Street' gang doing whatever it is they get paid huge sums for ( it sure ain't called acting ) most week-nights, without this bilge being inflicted on us? If I want bad singing, dancing, jokes etc., I'll go to my local workingmen's club, not stay at home and watch the telly. At least there you get the privilege of heckling.

The reverential tone displayed towards 'Coronation Street' is disturbing to say the least. Its like watching a bizarre religious cult at work, preparing to hand over their cash and lay down their lives in a futile cause. 'Star Trek' fans are often the butts of media sneers, yet soap opera addicts are regarded as nice, normal people indulging in a healthy obsession. Well, take it from me, there's nothing healthy about being obsessed whether or not Emily Bishop's remembered to put roses on Ernie's grave on the anniversary of his shooting.
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An Audience with Coronation Street
jboothmillard15 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
At Christmas the cast of ITV's no.1 show made a special pantomime, and ITV is really good at having An Audience with... programmes, so combine the two and you have a fun evening of entertainment. I really like seeing the past clips before the programme started, and the rest was good too. Basically the evening consisted of singing cast members, questions from the audience (two from EastEnders' Billy Murray and children's presenter Stephen Mulhern), memories of the show, a special presentation of Johnny Briggs being in the show 30 years as Mike Baldwin, and much more. A good entertainment show, not like a conventional An Audience With, but good. This goes along with all other An Audience With programmes as number 26 on ITV's 50 Greatest Shows. Very good!
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