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  • It is live-action cinematography with some computer-generated elements (i.e, the Orcs, certain Undead characters, Night Elves, goblins, dragons, Dreadlords, etc.) composited together, but it is generally referred to as the Warcraft Live Action Film. Edit

  • The events of Warcraft movie take place during the 1st orc invasion of Azeroth. Roughly 20 years before the events of Reign of Chaos. At the current time, Prince Arthas wasn't even in his teens and Illidan Stormrage is still locked up underground on the other side of the world. Edit

  • The film begins in the Eastern Kingdom as featured in the First War with the battle between the Humans of the Kingdom of Stormwind and the Orc Clans of Draenor. During the Second War, the fight is still primarily against the Humans and Orcs, however alliances are introduced with the Gnomes, Dwarves, Goblins and Trolls. It wasn't until the Third War that the Humans and Orcs traveled across the seas to Kalimdor, with the Orcs wanting land of their own and the Humans needing to take refuge from their desecrated homeland. Once in Kalimdor, contact is made with the Night Elves and Tauren. The Undead make their first appearance during the Third War in the northern lands of the Eastern Kingdom. The Undead came into existence with both the plague and Arthas turning the Humans of Lordearon, among others, in to The Scourge for his own army to assist the invading Burning Legion. Later they break free from Arthas's hold to become The Forsaken and turning Lordaeron in to their foothold. The Blood Elves (formerly the High Elves from the Second War), also don't appear until much later due to a falling out with the Alliance during the Third War. Edit



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