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  • From show creator Todd J. Greenwald's (@ToddJG) official Twitter:

    "Dear IMDBers: Stevie was fused back together and sent of to an island for 6 months of "Soul Rehab...."

    "She now lives a happy, fulfilling life back in the Wiz World with her new dogs, Mark and Susan. Will you ever see this as an episode? No."

    And in the show, Stevie was thought to be evil because she tried to get rid of the Wizard Council's wizard competition rules. While protesting an old-fashioned government rule isn't "evil," please remember that this is a sitcom made for kids.

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  • In "Three Maxes and a Little Lady," Max is manipulated by an elite group of future family wizards, who encourage him to drastically move up the wizard competition date. Of course, Alex and Justin aren't happy with this since they still have lots of catching up to do thanks to the events in the season four opener "Alex Tells the World." The older Russo siblings try to get the date changed back themselves, which annoys Max, who was about to do the right thing and change it back anyway. He decides to stick with the new date, so Alex and Justin mix up some spells and accidentally turn him into a ten-year-old girl. Since the spell was complex, the family hasn't figured out a way to turn him back yet.

    As for Jake T. Austin, he was busy with school. He will return soon, presumably in an upcoming episode titled "Back to Max." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • This question is asked surprisingly often. To be honest, no one knows what happened to the Russo's family "dog" from "Curb Your Dragon." Show producers have been asked this many times, but the basic answer is: make up your own theory. Because not even Max knows what happened to Dragon, as revealed in the season three episode "Max's Secret Girlfriend."

    Jerry: Is there anything you didn't tell her?!

    Max: Yeah, I didn't tell her about the dragon dog, because I still have no idea what happened to that. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Disney Channel and Disney XD is conducting a talent search for new actors and actresses, and an open casting call is scheduled for July, 2011 in Richmond, Virginia. They are seeking talented, young actors, actresses, singers and dancers between the ages of 10 and 18 (or look like you are 10 - 18 years of age) to be considered for roles in upcoming Disney Channel and Disney XD Original Movies and Televisions Series. If you have a strong desire to act, sing, or dance, then Disney casting directors would love to see you at this open casting call.

    Details Here:

    Disney Channel Talent Search Richmond Open Casting Call 2011

    http://www.examiner.com/acting-auditions-in-los-angeles/disney-channel-talent-search-open-casting-call-scheduled-for-richmond-va Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jerry gave up his wizard powers to uncle Kelbo so he could marry a non-wizard. Shouldn't uncle Kelbo's children be in the competition? Even if he has no children now, he might someday.

    Even though his powers are gone, Jerry is still of a line of wizards, meaning magic is in his blood and in his genetic code. Or, perhaps, since it is the "Russo Family line", any child born with the surname Russo gets magical powers (although, that would appear to be rather sexist, seeing as how it's traditionally only women who change their names when they get married). Long story short, we don't know. This is another one of the mysteries of the series. If Aunt Megan had any kids, would they have powers? We don't know. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • You can find free legit Disney Channel Auditions on the following website:


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  • In episode Season 2, Episode 2: Beware Wolf, it is revealed that when you kiss a werewolf, you turn into a werewolf. But when Alex dates Mason, she kisses him all the time, & never becomes a werewolf. Why not?

    In Season 3, Episode 9: Wizards vs. Werewolves Mason explains that Alex did not turn into a werewolf because he is a pure-blood. Edit (Coming Soon)


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