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owlaurence17 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. From the very first second of the episode, we are thrown back into the action, then momentous events keep piling up until the rather dramatic finish.

The episode begins with a rather comedic fight against a dragon with a really fireproof stomach and (is there some double entendre there?) a woman's name. Then SG1 actually reach Merlin's lab, a place that is regularly Gated to various places (and not always hospitable ones).

The pace slows down as the plot line is divided into three. Carter, Teal'c and Ba'al are trying to bypass the Gate's transfer device in order to dial home before Adria catches up with them. Having Carter and Ba'al work together is very entertaining (even to Teal'c), although sometimes hazardous. Meanwhile, Daniel, Vala and Mitchell are trying to get Merlin to build a new Sangreal, and catching up on his story along the way -which is quite interesting too.

But what really makes the episode worthy of a 10 is how many things it manages to weave into a coherent whole: Daniel's whole journey to Ascension and back, Ba'al's long-time technological expertise, the Ancient device from The Torment of Tantalus (back in S1!). And, of course, the notorious Repositories. So it's Daniel's turn to pull an O'Neill and get his head stuffed full of extremely useful but also very dangerous information. While his self-sacrifice is admirable, the really meaningful stuff happens between Vala and Mitchell, who are worried sick about their friend but know better than to stop him. This is another life-changing moment for Vala, and seeing Mitchell so dead serious is rather sobering.

All three plot lines culminate in a really impressive fight scene between Adria's inherited Ori powers- and Daniel's newly-(re)acquired Ancient powers. Cool, in a scary way -besides, as Marty stated in 200, you cannot keep a too-powerful character on a show, so the episode ends on a rather ominous note. (And since we're talking about plot devices, may I mention how convenient it is that the show now can just kill Ba'al off whenever he outlives his usefulness, and still have him back by next episode?)

So for the first time in a while, I'm going to give this episode a full 10 because I was almost holding my breath during the whole 40mn of it, just for fear of missing one important moment.
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"One Last Task Before I Rest"
fcabanski11 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
SG-1 plus Ba'al plus Adria defeat the dragon. For some reason they run, even though Adria can extend her protective shield to protect them all. This dragon is no Smaug, but it does breathe some impressive fire and break out of the mountain to chase them.

Daniel defeats the dragon. They find Merlin. He gives Daniel some of his knowledge, so Daniel can build the anti-ascended weapon. Meanwhile Adria and the crusaders are getting closer and closer to catching up with the good guys as Morgan Le Fey's security system transports them from planet to planet.

See, they should have killed Adria when they had the chance.

There's a nice battle between Daniel and Adria. Daniel is captured before he can complete the weapon, but he uses his Merlin powers to help the others escape.

BTW, Ba'al is killed. The guy hasn't been lucky since all the clones were created.

It's fun seeing Carter deck Ba'al.

There's not as much questing in this one as part 1. But it's still a good episode.
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Bring back Jack?
alan-68615 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Well maybe. This series is picking up, but I feel it's still lacking something. Is that something Jack O'Neill? Don't get me wrong I like Ben Bowder (Cameron Mitchell), and I can get past the fact that he was John Crichton to Claudia Blacks' (Vala) Aeryn Sun in Farscape, I like his sense of humour (very Crichton-esquire, at times) but I think it needs more - it seems to me that it has lost it's edge. Sometimes it seems it's being played more for laughs than anything else (OK when Vala was 'burned alive' by the Ori in one episode, that was definitely not funny) but generally speaking there are more humorous moments than serious - and yes sometimes we need humour - but sometimes I think it's overplayed. SG1 is my favourite sci-fi show, with Atlantis a close second. Lets just hope the rest of the series picks up a little and takes itself a little more seriously.
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sg1 defeats the dragon,Dr Jackson gets Merlin's knowledge to build a weapon against the Ori
xdelta-116 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sg1 defeats the Sangreal's guardian to find out that the Sangreal was a hologram...They get teleported to a cave where they find Merlin in a stasis pod and an ancient storing device which gets activated a few moments later.Merlin is revived and Dr Jackson starts telling him what happened in the last 1000 years since he was in stasis.Merlin goes to the ancient storage device downloads his memories and leaves Dr Jackson to do the hard work of building the Sangreal.Meanwhile Adria tries to guess the location where sg1 was teleported...after a few tries she finds the planet and sg1 .Dr Jackson tries to stop her but he is to exhausted,he manages to buy some time for the sg1 team to use the stargate and get back to earth.
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