Dallas Buyers Club (2013) Poster

Jared Leto: Rayon



  • Rayon : I'm Rayon.

    Ron Woodroof : Congratulations... fuck off and go back to your bed.

  • Rayon : You know what? You don't deserve my money, you homophobic asshole.

  • Rayon : I'm Rayon.

    Ron Woodroof : Congratulations. Now fuck off and go back to your bed.

    Rayon : Relax, I don't bite. I guess you're handsome, in a Texas, hick, white trash, dumb kind of way.

    Ron Woodroof : Get the fuck out of here, whatever you are, before I kick you in the fucking face.

  • Rayon : This guy says that the Florida Buyers Club is cheaper.

    Ron Woodroof : Well then, tell him to go back to the FUCKIN' SUNSHINE STATE!

  • Rayon : I've been looking for you, lone star.

  • Rayon : [looking at picture of Ray's father and sister together]  She looks great. I guess I didn't make the cut.

    Rayon's Father : You made that choice yourself.

    Rayon : It wasn't a choice, Dad.

    Rayon's Father : What do you want, Raymond?

    Rayon : Oh, I'm fine, thanks. And you? Long time no see.

    Rayon's Father : I suppose I should thank you for wearing men's clothes and not embarrassing me.

    Rayon : Are you ashamed of me? 'Cause I hadn't realized that.

    Rayon's Father : God help me.

    Rayon : He is helping you. I have AIDS.

  • Ron Woodroof : Rayon, where you fuckin' goin?

    Rayon : [inviting Ron to enter a gay bar]  C'mon in, it's a fucking bore out there.

  • Rayon : [on boyfriend]  Isn't he cute?

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